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Casey Jay Moore, Screen Writer and Producer is excited to announce that actor Timothy Kittelstad has been chosen to play the badass character “Shadow” of the Cemetery Boys. Film production begins summer of 2017.


A small taste of what’s to come…

 Here’s our Q and A session with Timothy!

 Q. It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A. Becoming another character is not about getting into that characters head, but rather letting him get into yours! To become another person you must immerse yourself in his world, understand how he thinks, but more important, why he thinks that. To do that research before taking on a role is critical. Whether it be delving into a book, or history, or, if possible, meeting the person to understanding who they are. Once you have grasp of the character you merge your thoughts with his and you begin to “character think”, the person you have become starts to develop his own thoughts. Once the mind has merged the body will follow and you will have now become the role. When on set, the wardrobe usually helps complete the transformation. Which allows the character to flow through the lines and not the acting saying the lines. Sometimes, it is necessary to get in character before camera rolls to have an easy transition. I will many times, ad lib lines to myself as the character to clinch the roll right before going on set.

Q. Who is your favorite actor and why?

A. Cary Grant and Jackie Chan are two of my favorite actors. Cary had incredible versatility, able to go from a goofy ball to a the suave and debonair heart throb very easily. Jackie Chan, was\is, simply brilliant. Not only was he a great martial artist, he developed his own style of entertainment which has been unmatched since.

Q. What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character? 

A. I don’t necessarily have  dream roll. I want to help create new things that no one has seen before and tell a good story! A story that uplifts, or motivates, or challenges people to be better.


Q. Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A. I prefer to play the hero. Being the Villain can be fun but with so much negativity in the world I love to play the person people would look up to!

Q. Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A. My first dream was to play professional soccer! At 17 I toured Italy with a US team and in April 2011 I blew my knee out which destroyed my chances.


Q. What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A. On film I haven’t had a hard roll but in high school I had the lead in the senior play and becoming a smooth, cool character was hard for me since I was the awkward dork in high school.

Q. On the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A. Most fun roll was when I actually played a villain in  short student film. First fight I choreographed so that made it special. It had an extended woods chase scene with an epic ending battle.

A sample of Timothy’s work-

Q. Tell us about where you got your training?

A. I had taken 4 years of drama in High School but no formal film training.


Q. What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A. Decide!! If you want to do something do it 100%! Don’t “give it try” or “see what happens”; decide whether or not you want to be an actor and then give it everything you have!

Q. If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

I would be doing entrepreneurial work!


Contact Timothy-

Instagram: tjkitt

Website:  sifuochwingchun.com




                        Crowley’s Tomb: The Movie — Coming to a theater October 2017





The extremely talented actress Yi Liu Christina has been selected as the perfect actress to bring to life the ever so dangerous bounty hunter “Fudeng Dragon”.  Wanted Dead or Alive and the Dragon prefers dead and has a taste for killing the impossible Ghost of the Cemetery Boys. Don’t look now but she is right behind you in the ultimate game of Cat & Mouse…


Q. It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles.

A. I like to live in my role, I like to dig into as much details of the background of the character as possible, so that I can become the character herself. My first real character was a drug-addicting teen in a play performed in my college, I spent weeks watching clips of famous actors depicting drug-addicting characters while at the same time gradually buried myself into the mood of the girl who lost hope of the world and blaming it on her divorced parents. When I first applied the role, the director didn’t trust me being able to do this role, but weeks later, I gave him a show that exceeded the girl he initially chose for the role. Funny thing is, after the show, lots of students in my college asked me if I have really been addicted to drug before, because it looked too real that it actually scared them 😛


Q. Who is your favorite actor and why?

A. I have many favorite actors, my first inspiration is Donny Yan. He gave me the inspiration to become a martial artist. But acting wise, my favorite is definitely Johnny Depp. I watched many Tim Burton movies during the years I grew up in China and loved all the characters Johnny Depp played while had no idea that it was the same actor until many years later (Due to the lack of internet when I was young, had no way to look up the cast). That to me is a real success as an actor: Not being limited to a certain type of roles, but has the ability to become anyone and deceiving the audiences’ eyes at the same time.


Q. What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A. My dream role has always been an extremely twisted character, a character that has exact opposite personalities in one body, one super innocent and sweet, the other extremely evil, all under the disguise of a nice girl. I have always been discovering different sides of myself in my journey of self-exploring, and I give all my personalities a soil to develop, so that when the opportunity comes, I can bring out the extremely contradictory personalities in a way of harmony.


Q. Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A. Definitely villain! The beauty of being an actor to me, is to be able to live so many lives and looking at the world in different eyes, while other people only have one chance. Playing villain is so much fun to me because I get to let out a totally different me and be as creative as I can with it. To me, hero has its limits, a hero can only be so “hero”, but a villain has no limits, it can be as bad as you can imagine!


Q. Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A. Zootopia is my favorite Disney movie in the recent 5 years. I have experienced almost all the difficulties Judy went through when she came to Zootopia to realize her dream. I came to America to pursue my master’s degree without knowing anyone in this country. Have been looked down upon because of my size, been taken as “exotic cute”, neighbor problems, been made fun of because of accent… You name a few. And by the end of the day, still need to look cheered up when calling the family. All those difficult times have become my fuel and when look back, they have all become heartwarming memories thanks to all the friends I made on the journey. And, I met my foxy Nick at Kung Fu temple.

Q. What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A. I have not played many roles yet, but I would say the hardest role I have played was a small role when I was in a group participating the 48 hour film project. The whole 48-hour production is already super stressful, and there was no any information given about my character, I had to come up with a background setting for the role on the fly so that I can make the role a real person. I barely had any lines, but I was in shot a lot, so I had to be acting the whole time without instruction of what I was supposed to do. It was also my first time acting in front of camera, since my most experience before was stage play, I had to remind myself the whole time to not bring the stage acting style into the camera. But after all, it was a very precious learning experience.

Q. On the flip side, what was the the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A. The most fun role in film I have ever played so far was one of the villains among a group of robbers. I was the most badass fighter among all the bad guys in that film, but the most fun part was actually not the fighting part, but the part when I got killed. I had a lot fun portraying a death from trachea been broken, all the chokings, struggles, and eventually a painful death gave me a chance to fully utilize not only my acting skill but also my medical knowledge

Q. Tell us about where you got your training?

A. I didn’t have formal training in acting, just joined the acting club in college and was trained by the professor in charge of the club. But life actually gave me more training on acting more than anything. As of martial arts training, I had three years in Taekwondo when I was in China, achieved black belt. Picked up Kung fu again after I moved to Orlando.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A. Me myself is still an aspiring actor, still learning and growing, still have a long way to go. I just want to encourage all my fellow mates, don’t give up, no matter how many times you got rejected at audition, just keep on trying, and keep on sharpening yourself on the go!

Q. If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

A. I am actually a research engineer as of my full time job. I have to be able to feed myself before I can pursue my passion 😛 I am also an artist on the side, learned painting for more than 10 years. I love to branch into different professions and challenge my creativity.

Yi Lu

Social Media:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kungfucoupleactors/

Instagram:  yliu99




Crowley’s Tomb: The Movie — Coming to a theater October 2017

A Moment With Crowley’s Tomb… Justin Larsche


I am extremely proud to announce that actor Justin Larsche has landed the lead role as the conflicted Cemetery Boy George St. Louie, better know as “Preacher”.  Justin will also play a slew of evil characters which I will not reveal at this time. There is no other actor I trust more!!  He truly is the “Blessed Hell Rider”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWWpZDsN2Ao      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMpf-Syar8w

Justin L12

Q- It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A- Well since I’ve done more theatre then film I’ll start there. First I get my script read it all the way through. Then I really focus on learning my lines, I’ll find the character more in rehearsal. I read over a scene a few times so I understand what my character is talking about then record myself so I can listen to it at any chance I get throughout the day. Once the words are in my head I can go to rehearsal without trying to act while reading and really discover who I am trying to portray. Being a lover of music I figure who does this character listen to? After that I will listen to an artist or music style through all rehearsal and run time. From there I just feed off of the director, the cast and whatever feels natural to the character. The one film I’ve done I only had a week to prep and no lines in the script. Lucky the director was willing to let me try some improv which turned out pretty crazy seeing how I was playing a sick sadomasochistic Russian mobster. Villains are always easier to play but we will get to that later.


Q- Who is your favorite actor and why?

A- No way, I could ever have one favorite actor! But here’s maybe my top three: Heath Ledger-not just cause he was the best joker ever!! And yes, that is my favorite of his performances. The things that Ledger could do from one movie to the next from being the best hero to the most evil villain just showed his amazing versatility. He went way too soon! I think he had a lot more to offer us in my opinion! Gary Oldman- because this man is a true chameleon! Fans will never see him do the same thing twice! I mean from Jim Gordon to the pimp in True Romance to Count Dracula I mean need I say more!? Leonardo DiCaprio-because the man is dedicated to his roles goes full into character we are talking about a man who split his had open in the middle of a scene and ran with it even deciding to wipe the blood on another character’s face! That’s just brave acting!!


Q- What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A- Dream role would be the Joker on the big screen. It’s a character very dear to me that I have portrayed many times but to do it officially on set would blow my mind! I would bring to it my own inspirations from all the material out there and I surely would put my own original flare and twists to it. After that I would go to town!

Justin L4.

Q- Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A-Hero or villain hummm, well a few years ago I’d say villain, villain, and villain again! But I find the hero to be more of a challenge honestly. I like a challenge but my God the villain certainly is fun to play!!! I think we shall call this a 50/50 heads or tails proposition.


Q- Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A- I’m a total superhero geek but if you saw my FACEBOOK page you would quickly figure it out!

Justin L8.

 Q- What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A- The hardest role I ever played was Justin Larsche’s real life. Acting is only hard if you let it. But if that’s not the answer you’re quite looking for then I’d say Larry from Patrick Marbers Closer. It was my first onstage production. It was 10 of 12 scenes and a few of those scenes were very emotionally driven!

Justin L11

QOn the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A- I’d have to say also Larry from Closer though it was an emotional rollercoaster. It was an experience like I’ve never had before and that’s hard to top!

Justin L6.

Q-Tell us about where you got your training?

A- I got my training from sitting on my ass watching tons of TV. Sound like a joke? It’s not!!! I didn’t realize I was acting my whole life through TV and movies. I study the great actors and their performances over and over wanting to do what they were doing. I also studied bad actors and I learned over time what not to do! I work very hard memorizing movie lines until it comes natural to me. I would also work on body movements and I would stare in the mirror for hours practicing facial expressions. Now I’m training by working, doing theater, character gigs and whatever gets me that much closer to doing what I love!

Justin L10.

Q- What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A-Take every risk you can but make sure you have another way to make a living cause this is a very hard game to make money at!!


Q-If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

A- Well I’ve done pool construction for the past 15 years, soooooo not that!!!  I just want to be in the entertainment field if not an actor then a director, a performer, a promoter, a producer or anyone that can provide great entertainment to people!!

Justin L2.

You can find J Larsche at:Facebook.com/justinthejoker and Facebook.com/heroesandvillainscharacterentertanment YouTube The Trade short film DC. IMDB Justin Larsche


 Visit us at:
Website:  www.crowleystomb.com
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A Moment with Crowley’s Tomb…Alyssa Sheets

We are excited to announce that actress Alyssa Sheets has landed the Evil Nun role as “Sister Emilie”. Film production begins summer of 2017.

We’ve been chatting with Alyssa and learned a little bit about her:


Q. Not yet having seen the script, as an actor how do you prepare/research your role?

A. Well, what I try to do to prepare for the role is I try and get myself in shape so I can perform the best I can. Something else that helps me is the people I surround myself with. I try and surround myself with positive people that push me to do my best.  Watching the trailer for the movie helped a great deal as well, of course.

Q. Given what you know from the cast and crew posts about CT, what and/or who are you most interested in seeing in the film?

A. I would honestly have to say that I am pretty excited to see everyone! I’m feeling pretty pumped to see how it all turns out when the project is finished!

Q. Do you have any pets and what are their names?

A. I do! I have a chow/collie mix, his name is Bear. I also have a miniature Pomeranian named Daisy May! I bought her as a gift to myself for passing the drivers test a year and a half ago. (laughs)

Q. What was your favorite TV show growing up?

A. Oh my goodness, Rugrats all the way! (laughs)

Q. What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

A. On the weekends I LOVE going to church. It always makes me feel better after a long, or stressful week.

Q. Do you remember your first time in an airplane?

A. Lord, do I! (laughs) I have been afraid of heights for as long as I can remember; and I had the window seat. I remember my whole body shaking in fear! I was so happy when I got off the plane that I hugged the first pole I seen and said to myself, “Thank you God! I am now safe on the ground again!”

Q. Who was the most influential person in your life?

A. Well, aside from Jesus and my family. There has been a few people that have influenced me, and made a big difference in my life. Pastor Dan/Mercy, Jeff, Bianca, Wil, Yoann, Judeson, Kendrick, Anthony/Audry, Steve, and Manny . I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them in my life. They have all made the biggest difference to me, and have really inspired me to want to do better.



Social Media:

Instagram: @sheets.alyssa





A Moment with Crowley’s Tomb…Chandy Krapes

I am excited to announce that actress Chandy Krapes has landed the role as Cursewick High Teacher “Taylor Fox”.   Film production begins summer of 2017.

We caught up with this Devious Maids Cocktail Party Guest and dished up a little Q&A:

Chandy Krapes_1

Q.  Not yet having seen the script, as an actor how do you prepare/research your role?

A.  Not having seen the script as of yet does make it more challenging! I inquire from the writer as to who my character is; seductive, innocent, brazen…then I work on making that character me as much as possible.

Q.  Given what you know from the cast & crew posts about CT, what and/or who are you most interested in seeing in the film?

A.  I can’t say that I have any favorites at this time. I am excited to see every member of the cast and watch in awe as they bring the characters to life and make them their own. I am proud to be a part of the cast and cannot wait until I get to see the creativity, special effects, and the massive amount of skill that will be shown through all involved.

Q.  What was the single-most influential event in your lifetime?

A.  I would have to say without a doubt the single-most influential event in my life was the day I met my husband. I believe each person has someone who is meant for them and I feel extremely fortunate that I found mine! My husband is my soul mate, my best friend, confidante, and partner. I would not be complete without him, he makes me whole.

Q.  Do you have a favorite season?

A.  My favorite season is Summer. I guess I am right where I belong, here in sunny Florida!

Q.  Have you ever been on the radio or TV?  Details please

A.  I have been on TV. I was in Devious Maids as a Cocktail Party Guest, The Carrie Diaries as a Wedding Guest, The Secret Circle as a Casino Hostess, and 90210 as a Staff Member. They were not big parts, however, it was quite an experience acting in a popular television series.

Chandy Krapes_2

Q.  What’s the one piece of advice you would give others about life

A.  Our mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Q.  What do you like on your pizza?

A.  I am pretty boring when it comes to pizza toppings…I like Pepperoni and Black Olives. I will eat other toppings, however, those are my favorites. My husband just crinkles his nose at me when I order pizza and he does not have to guess at what I will order!

For more information and/or to reach out to Chandy:


7001-Crowleys-Tomb-logoCasey and BB





Interview with Author, Screenwriter, and Movie Producer Casey J. Moore

Q – What is the premise of Crowley’s Tomb?

A – Crowley’s Tomb is an action/adventure/horror movie about a teenage gang, known as the Cemetery Boys, who lead a dead-end life and have lost their faith in God.  They must attempt to save their mentor while dealing with paranormal elements, their own inner demons, the armies of the night, and the ultimate evil.  Let me leave you with this thought: it should be known in the Book of Enoch that “Even Heaven had Rebels”, while the Good Book states “Even the Devil was betrayed” in Hell ( better known as Crowley’s Tomb).

Q – Will the movie be based on the novel with the same name?

A – The concept remains the same, however there will be several differences.  The book was intentionally written more generic than the script, so when the movie was made I could elaborate in detail – such as additional characters, in-depth storylines, more twists & turns, with a surprising ending.

Q – What inspired you to turn the book into a movie?

A – After witnessing the movies and TV shows that are popular now, and many fans of the book echoing my thoughts, there was a major consensus that Crowley’s Tomb would make a much more compelling horror/adventure movie than any in recent memory.  I have learned people are tired of the same old regurgitated storylines and predictable endings in this genre.  I decided it was time for a radical change.

Q – What makes this movie different than other horror films?

A – Crowley’s Tomb is a character-based, controversial and thought-provoking film, with over 150 actors and actresses.  While classified as a horror film, I like to refer to it as a “fusion film”, as it is also an action/adventure tale.  You will relate to the 13 rebellious Cemetery Boys as friends you grew up with, who will take you on a dark journey.   During their adventures, where they encounter numerous villains, they try to sort out their feelings about religion and regain their faith.  This is NOT your average horror film or “slasher movie”, for which I am proud and have no apologies.

I also incorporated the disdain most feel towards Wall Street & Corporate greed, political corruption of the New World Order (secret society), religious manipulation, and the media’s bias rhetoric that is stuffed down our throats on a daily basis.

Q – Where does the project currently stand?

A – We are currently in pre-production.  We are busy casting and scouting the best locations in the Orlando, FL area .  We have chosen Ricardo Protheus Rodriguez as Director; he will also be in charge of all post-production.  Nathan Taupez  has been chosen as the Director of Photography.  Martigan Delano has multiple roles: Co-Producer, Assistant Director and Actor.  We are currently working on hiring additional production staff.  At this stage, we are engrossed in the business, marketing and legal aspects of producing what promises to be an independent film of the highest quality.

In closing, my goal is to produce a fast-paced, roller coaster ride that delivers on all fronts: by scaring the audience out of their seats, providing a compelling storyline, realistic action scenes, introducing disturbing characters, and allowing the viewers to solve the mystery while rooting for the Cemetery Boys.  I promise that you will walk out of the theater feeling entertained, knowing you got your money’s worth and talking about “Crowley’s Tomb”.

As you await the release of the movie, be sure to check out the book’s website: http://www.crowleystomb.com.  On the site, you can check out the book trailer and illustrations, as well as order the book/merchandise.  There are also links if you wish to order the Kindle or Nook versions of “Crowley’s Tomb”.

Upcoming blogs will include interviews with the actors and crew, project updates and much more.

Crowley’s Tomb Horror Fans Exclusive Interview With Writer Casey Moore


1.)     What was your favorite chapter or scene that you wrote? – Rachelle (Tampa Florida)

My favorite chapter would be a toss-up between Chapter 24 “Dinner’s Served” which to this day makes me laugh or the Final Chapter “Resurrection” where I am able to tie the whole story together ending with a song.

2.)     Who was your favorite character and why? – Ashley (Sarasota Florida)

I would have to say Zombie. Zombie was the weakest out of the bunch physically, but the most dangerous once you put a gun in his hands. I also liked the fact that he questioned others judgments. My favorite thing about Zombie was he was whiny and yet very funny at the same time.

3.)     How did you come up with the story Crowley’s Tomb? – Chris (Norwich Connecticut)

The story is loosely on me and my early friends that were poor in Junior High School.  We formed a small gang called The Cemetery Boys in Forest Park, Illinois. Every weekend we used to go to the movies by taking the shortcuts through (I believe) Hillside Cemetery. We would have the weirdest things happen to us. When I moved to Villa Park I went to an uppity school called Willowbrook High School.  It was culture shock for me being around the upper middle class. It might have been the first time I didn’t fit in well.  Personally I thought the main stream sucked!

I began hearing numerous stories about a place called Peabody’s Tomb. The rumored fables always whispered throughout school about masochistic monks in black cloaks chasing snooping kids who had the hopes of getting a glimpse of the famed Tomb and its wealth of gold. If caught by the Devil worshipping evil monks you were made to kneel on such things as rice, broomsticks, or glass while they forced you to pray. That always gave me goosebumps. I knew one day I was going to fuse the Cemetery Boys and the Devil’s Monks together for a creepy story.

4.)     How did you come to know fiction (particularly horror) was something you wanted to write? And on the other hand, how can you write such a detailed heartwarming love story right after that? – Marlene (Cocoa Florida)

I really didn’t but I should have listened to my heart long ago when I played Dungeons and Dragons. I loved being the DM (Dungeon Master). My imagination always ran wild in worlds outside of our own. As time went on I did not pursue my dreams as a writer. I did however write the first Fantasy Sports Handbook (baseball, football, hockey, basketball) before the internet began. My Foster Mom was an avid reader and the day it came off the press she passed away. Right after that I walked away from writing. I discovered writing again after my life fell apart. I began journaling trying to cope with the loss of my family. Every night I would write my counselor trying to shake my personal demons, and it was her idea that I become a writer. I wrote Crowley’s Tomb during very dark days of my life. I had lost hope so my emotions in the story played a major role in choosing horror. It was a way to release my anger. It was the escape to the securities of worlds I had forgotten about. I really don’t like pigeon holing or labeling myself to any genre. My next book out is an erotic love story called “Steamy”.  Of course I was in a better place when I wrote that book.

I think I needed to write Steamy for my own sanity. I was also tired of hearing some shallow women say, “Read 50 Shades of Grey and you will know how women want to be treated.” Steamy debunks the notion you need to be rich or in a specific sexual genre to be happy. I realize the true message of 50 Shades of Grey was “acceptance”. Steamy is more about how to keep your relationship exciting without cheating in the modern era. Steamy uses all the sexual genres to keep a long term relationship loving and happy. It’s about keeping a relationship on the path of conquest, not conquer. Most relationships are killed by laziness, complacency, and lack of communication.  It has been a struggle at times between marketing horror on one hand, and on the other dealing with love. Writing is much like acting in the sense you must get into character. It can be challenging if you haven’t prepared or researched properly.

5.)     The first journal is written in past tense. As a matter of fact, it uses the line “13 of us went in, none came out” Really? Who is writing the journal then? And who writes a journal in the past tense in this manner? Why the use of so many songs? – Scrapper (Amazon Unknown)

The first couple chapters were purposely written in past tense. I thought that would be a clever way to tie in the final chapter so it all came together and made more sense to the reader. There were several journals written by the Cemetery Boys. Preacher writes his journal knowing he is going to die. In his journal he makes an assumption of how he believes their destiny turns out. He left his journal so that the Cemetery Boys would be remembered and his death avenged. Music wasn’t primarily used for atmosphere, as it was more of an attempt to bring the reader back to a place and time in their life. My reason for using so many songs was an attempt to make Crowley’s Tomb a rock-n-roll fable that would ultimately forge rock music back to its rightful throne in today’s world we live in. I really never understand why people waste their time with negative energy, but best of luck Scrapper, lol.

6.)     Will there be a sequel to Crowley’s Tomb? – Taylor (Middletown New York)

 When writing I had no intent for a sequel; I wrote Crowley’s Tomb as a stand-alone with the ending left to the reader’s imagination.  I leave a sequel up to Hollywood. Unlike most writers  I prefer moving forward with new stories and characters. If you look at most of the .99 cent false writers they try to manipulate the readers and fans with a misleading financial agenda by leaving you hanging only to make you pay more money for the next book. Example .99 for original, next one $2.99, next one $5.99 and so on. I refuse to work for free or manipulate the fans financially with petty schemes. I never ask the fans to give me their work for free either. In my opinion these types of false identity writers have really hurt the book industry, but Amazon loves it, and seems to be the only one who profits from it.  I myself have very little use for Trilogy or silly series characters that go on and on. I find sequels boring. Just look at Friday The 13th Part ?????? The great writers know how to let go and move on, just like life itself.

7.)     Can you tell me more about Chief and Delilah’s love for one another? – Johnny (Columbus Ohio)

Chief and Delilah had eternal love for one another without a physical relationship. There wasn’t this boyfriend/girlfriend label. Their relationship was private in a very unique way. Remember, it’s never the first kiss that’s important; it’s the last kiss that counts.  Delilah ultimately understood Chief’s destiny. The couple didn’t need words to express their love for one another, they just knew it.

8.)     How tough was it to envision the characters? – Kathleen (Charles, La)

It wasn’t difficult at all because the cemetery boys were a part of me.  I often get asked the question, “which cemetery boy are you most like?” and I have to laugh because of the 13 boys, they are all part of me!  As far as the villains, they may be even easier because we all know someone from our past that fits the character profile.

9.)     The cover of Crowley’s Tomb has a pentagram which leads the fan to believe that you are an atheist and the book is about Aleister Crowley, is there any truth to these assumptions? – Greg (Knoxville, TN)

There is no truth to either of those assumptions.  As a kid growing up I had different religions forced upon me.  Over life experiences I was able to come to my own conclusions and beliefs.  My beliefs are more in touch with nature and animals similar to the American Indian.  As far as Crowley’s Tomb, the original title was named “Cemetery Boys”.  Unfortunately when I was searching for sketch artists I didn’t protect myself properly and (theory) one of the artists stole the name and wrote his/her own book leaving me scrambling for a new book title.  I decided to take the cemetery and infuse one of the most evil known names and combine together to come up with Crowley’s Tomb.

10.)     Villains or Cemetery Boys; which do you prefer – Sandra, Brandon FL

I enjoy them both; let’s discuss heroes (Cemetery Boys) first.  Unlike most writers or characters in Hollywood movies I like my heroes to be bad boys, unpredictable and with true demons within themselves.  In most books and movies there tends to be only one villain which bores me personally.  The uniqueness of creating Crowley’s Tomb is there are multiple villains of all facets, both male and female. For most people the obvious answer would be to say villains. Certainly they are the easiest and most fun, but for the really great writers the answer should be the hero. It’s unfortunate that writers and screenwriters all too often copycat one another by making the hero boring and one dimensional. I enjoy bucking the system by bring a more sinister element to the hero characters.

I had a lot of fun but in choosing my villains for Crowley’s Tomb I decided to use the ultimate evil villains known as Satan and God.  Good and Evil never ends, and never defeats the other which has been proven over time and time again.  I think the most important thing whether you’re a writer, actor, director, and so on is making sure you are prepared properly through research, studying, and developing your characters. Robert De Nero always comes to mind on how well he prepares developing his characters. An example of this was on the set of Crowley’s Tomb,  it was very easy for me to pick out which individuals had done their homework and who didn’t.

11.)     In closing, what thoughts or comments would you like to leave your fans and readers with?

I am blessed to do what I love, and think everyone should follow their destiny and dreams.

Seeing this process evolve from thoughts in my head, to a manuscript with over 40 illustrations by 3 talented artists, to a published book, to merchandise and ultimately an unbelievable trailer has been the most rewarding experience of my life.  The joy of making the trailer was amazing – the producer, director, make-up artist, actors, actresses, assistants, prop and costume designers all came together over a very short period of time and made magic!

I’ve met many new lifelong friends during this journey, which we all look forward to taking to the next level with a movie and video game deal.  It’s been a true collaboration and has taken an army – who are all part of the brotherhood of Crowley’s Tomb.

The thing I have enjoyed the most is meeting and greeting the fans and having their support.  There is no better judge of talent than the fans themselves, for whom I am extremely grateful.