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Casey Jay Moore, Screenwriter and Director is pleased to announce that actor Christopher King has landed the role as the Drug & Pimp Street Gang Leader “Pusher”. Film production begins summer of 2017

A small taste of what’s to come……

Introducing:  Christopher King

Chris King 3

Q.  It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A. Taking on any role is like living another life.  Once script is received, I begin to study it as if it were a graduation test and with out success I can’t excel.  Living my regular life as the character before the shoot is the best way to show a true feel for the character.  If it’s possible , to study the character if applicable.  Acting out scenes in current life situations and making the role a part of your daily routine.  Becoming the character practicing emotion, stress and response in body language is all in part becoming the character.

Q.  Who is your favorite actor and why?

A. My favorite actor is Denzel Washington  and Lawrence Fishburn.  Their ability to come to life in their roles as actors is chilling.

Q.  What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A. To play a human rights activist in a bio pic.

My advocacy to play the role is my life.

Chris King 1

Q.  Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A. I can be versatile, as I’m a hero in life, but have a past of being the villain, so don’t get it twisted.

Q.  Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A. Being the legacy and grandson of BB King, my world is built from the relevancy and success of my efforts.

Q.  What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A. Haven’t had that problem yet. They have been  pretty easy roles.

Q.  On the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A. I enjoyed playing my self in my last film, “King” a drug dealer/Mob Boss.

Q.  Tell us about where you got your training?

A. Self taught, never had any official film training.

Q.  What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A. Focus on your brand and keep that first and everything will fall in place.

Q. If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

A. No other. I’m happy where I am in life and where I’m going.

Chris King 2

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Film Production coming Summer 2017!