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Casey Jay Moore, Screen Writer and Producer is excited to announce that actor Timothy Kittelstad has been chosen to play the badass character “Shadow” of the Cemetery Boys. Film production begins summer of 2017.


A small taste of what’s to come…

 Here’s our Q and A session with Timothy!

 Q. It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A. Becoming another character is not about getting into that characters head, but rather letting him get into yours! To become another person you must immerse yourself in his world, understand how he thinks, but more important, why he thinks that. To do that research before taking on a role is critical. Whether it be delving into a book, or history, or, if possible, meeting the person to understanding who they are. Once you have grasp of the character you merge your thoughts with his and you begin to “character think”, the person you have become starts to develop his own thoughts. Once the mind has merged the body will follow and you will have now become the role. When on set, the wardrobe usually helps complete the transformation. Which allows the character to flow through the lines and not the acting saying the lines. Sometimes, it is necessary to get in character before camera rolls to have an easy transition. I will many times, ad lib lines to myself as the character to clinch the roll right before going on set.

Q. Who is your favorite actor and why?

A. Cary Grant and Jackie Chan are two of my favorite actors. Cary had incredible versatility, able to go from a goofy ball to a the suave and debonair heart throb very easily. Jackie Chan, was\is, simply brilliant. Not only was he a great martial artist, he developed his own style of entertainment which has been unmatched since.

Q. What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character? 

A. I don’t necessarily have  dream roll. I want to help create new things that no one has seen before and tell a good story! A story that uplifts, or motivates, or challenges people to be better.


Q. Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A. I prefer to play the hero. Being the Villain can be fun but with so much negativity in the world I love to play the person people would look up to!

Q. Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A. My first dream was to play professional soccer! At 17 I toured Italy with a US team and in April 2011 I blew my knee out which destroyed my chances.


Q. What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A. On film I haven’t had a hard roll but in high school I had the lead in the senior play and becoming a smooth, cool character was hard for me since I was the awkward dork in high school.

Q. On the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A. Most fun roll was when I actually played a villain in  short student film. First fight I choreographed so that made it special. It had an extended woods chase scene with an epic ending battle.

A sample of Timothy’s work-

Q. Tell us about where you got your training?

A. I had taken 4 years of drama in High School but no formal film training.


Q. What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A. Decide!! If you want to do something do it 100%! Don’t “give it try” or “see what happens”; decide whether or not you want to be an actor and then give it everything you have!

Q. If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

I would be doing entrepreneurial work!


Contact Timothy-

Instagram: tjkitt

Website:  sifuochwingchun.com




                        Crowley’s Tomb: The Movie — Coming to a theater October 2017


A Moment With Crowley’s Tomb… Justin Larsche


I am extremely proud to announce that actor Justin Larsche has landed the lead role as the conflicted Cemetery Boy George St. Louie, better know as “Preacher”.  Justin will also play a slew of evil characters which I will not reveal at this time. There is no other actor I trust more!!  He truly is the “Blessed Hell Rider”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWWpZDsN2Ao      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMpf-Syar8w

Justin L12

Q- It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A- Well since I’ve done more theatre then film I’ll start there. First I get my script read it all the way through. Then I really focus on learning my lines, I’ll find the character more in rehearsal. I read over a scene a few times so I understand what my character is talking about then record myself so I can listen to it at any chance I get throughout the day. Once the words are in my head I can go to rehearsal without trying to act while reading and really discover who I am trying to portray. Being a lover of music I figure who does this character listen to? After that I will listen to an artist or music style through all rehearsal and run time. From there I just feed off of the director, the cast and whatever feels natural to the character. The one film I’ve done I only had a week to prep and no lines in the script. Lucky the director was willing to let me try some improv which turned out pretty crazy seeing how I was playing a sick sadomasochistic Russian mobster. Villains are always easier to play but we will get to that later.


Q- Who is your favorite actor and why?

A- No way, I could ever have one favorite actor! But here’s maybe my top three: Heath Ledger-not just cause he was the best joker ever!! And yes, that is my favorite of his performances. The things that Ledger could do from one movie to the next from being the best hero to the most evil villain just showed his amazing versatility. He went way too soon! I think he had a lot more to offer us in my opinion! Gary Oldman- because this man is a true chameleon! Fans will never see him do the same thing twice! I mean from Jim Gordon to the pimp in True Romance to Count Dracula I mean need I say more!? Leonardo DiCaprio-because the man is dedicated to his roles goes full into character we are talking about a man who split his had open in the middle of a scene and ran with it even deciding to wipe the blood on another character’s face! That’s just brave acting!!


Q- What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A- Dream role would be the Joker on the big screen. It’s a character very dear to me that I have portrayed many times but to do it officially on set would blow my mind! I would bring to it my own inspirations from all the material out there and I surely would put my own original flare and twists to it. After that I would go to town!

Justin L4.

Q- Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A-Hero or villain hummm, well a few years ago I’d say villain, villain, and villain again! But I find the hero to be more of a challenge honestly. I like a challenge but my God the villain certainly is fun to play!!! I think we shall call this a 50/50 heads or tails proposition.


Q- Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A- I’m a total superhero geek but if you saw my FACEBOOK page you would quickly figure it out!

Justin L8.

 Q- What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A- The hardest role I ever played was Justin Larsche’s real life. Acting is only hard if you let it. But if that’s not the answer you’re quite looking for then I’d say Larry from Patrick Marbers Closer. It was my first onstage production. It was 10 of 12 scenes and a few of those scenes were very emotionally driven!

Justin L11

QOn the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A- I’d have to say also Larry from Closer though it was an emotional rollercoaster. It was an experience like I’ve never had before and that’s hard to top!

Justin L6.

Q-Tell us about where you got your training?

A- I got my training from sitting on my ass watching tons of TV. Sound like a joke? It’s not!!! I didn’t realize I was acting my whole life through TV and movies. I study the great actors and their performances over and over wanting to do what they were doing. I also studied bad actors and I learned over time what not to do! I work very hard memorizing movie lines until it comes natural to me. I would also work on body movements and I would stare in the mirror for hours practicing facial expressions. Now I’m training by working, doing theater, character gigs and whatever gets me that much closer to doing what I love!

Justin L10.

Q- What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A-Take every risk you can but make sure you have another way to make a living cause this is a very hard game to make money at!!


Q-If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

A- Well I’ve done pool construction for the past 15 years, soooooo not that!!!  I just want to be in the entertainment field if not an actor then a director, a performer, a promoter, a producer or anyone that can provide great entertainment to people!!

Justin L2.

You can find J Larsche at:Facebook.com/justinthejoker and Facebook.com/heroesandvillainscharacterentertanment YouTube The Trade short film DC. IMDB Justin Larsche


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Crowleys Image

A Moment With Crowleys Tomb…Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark8.

CROWLEY’S TOMB CASTING UPDATES: Today I am excited to announce that actor Brandon Clark has landed the role as badass Cemetery Boy Casey Lesnar better known as “Maverick”. Film production begins summer of 2017.

Brandon Clark2.

Q-  It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A-  For me it’s all about doing the preparation before arriving on the set. It’s about researching the script, books, magazines and anything else that has relevancy to the production. You learn particular choices the character makes and you dig deeper to find out why they made those choices. What was their motivation or goals for that particular choice or scene? It’s all about finding out where they have been. What their past was, how it truly affected them. What really fascinates me is figuring out what the characters immediate goal is all about and discovering what the ultimate goal is at the end. This is the research that I have done for every character I have ever performed whether it was on stage, or in front of the camera.  After research it’s all about developing your character. I think more importantly though you have to search inside yourself to see what you as an individual can bring to your character. I think that you learn from past experiences in life and you tap into your emotional state at that time. I think it’s very important to bring life experiences that are relevant to your character. However, transitioning to being on set can be the most difficult for some actors. It can be nerve racking and scary for many actors but again, this is where the research and development comes into play. By being prepared, now you have an arsenal of options to perform on camera and the one thing directors love the most is having multiple options on how to perform the character and bring him to life.

Brandon Clark3.

 Q- Who is your favorite actor and why?

A- My favorite actor is by far “Bryan Cranston”. I first loved watching him in “Malcolm in the Middle” but then when the show “Breaking Bad” aired I was in amazement of his acting skills. He has some of the most incredible emotional ranges and to be able to show them without hesitation on camera is truly a feat. He is by far one of the best actors in entertainment today.

Brandon Clark9.

Q- What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A- My dream role one day would be able to play a superhero on screen. I believe with what I have gone through in my life gives me an emotional depth and range where audiences can relate much more than just watching super heroes battle and fight. Sometimes Heroes don’t always wear capes.

Brandon Clark1.

Q- Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A- I will always prefer to play the Hero. It’s about their nobility, courage, and sacrifices they have to give which resonates with me. However playing a villain once or twice would be extremely fun.

Brandon Clark4.

Q- Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A- A fun fact is that I LOVE to go to Theme parks. I actually own many annual passes to the great parks in Florida such as Disney World, Universal and Busch Gardens and I like to go as often as I can. I feel free and it helps me escape and be a kid again.

Brandon Clark7.

Q- What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A- The hardest role that I’ve performed has to be when I was cast as Prospero in Shakespeare’s, The Tempest. Memorizing and portraying Thousands of lines of Shakespeare dialogue was definitely the biggest challenge I’ve ever had to face especially since it was when I was a bit younger and didn’t have the knowledge that I do now.

Brandon Clark10   

QOn the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A- My most fun role definitely has to be when I played Seal O’Neal in American Warships. That entire production was a blast from getting to meet Carl Weathers. It was the first time working on a green screen and also getting to kill aliens; it couldn’t have been much better.

Brandon Clark6.

Q-Tell us about where you got your training?

A- I trained at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where I received my B.A in Theater Arts while also doubling down with minors in Economics and Spanish. After graduating I also went and studied at the NC School of the Arts where I trained in stage combat from the Society of American Fight Directors.

Brandon Clark5.

Q- What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A-My advice for aspiring actors is to create as many connections as possible!! Take any gig that comes your way even if it’s just background work and don’t stop pushing for your craft. This industry is relentless and you will learn quickly that you have to have very thick skin to succeed. You might get turned down hundreds of times in auditions but those are opportunities to improve, not times to get down on yourself.

Brandon Clark Maverick

Q- If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

A-The profession I would choose is without a doubt to be a Personal Trainer. I’m actually already working towards that goal by taking online classes to get my certification but since I was young I’ve always had an affinity for fitness and it’s something that I will continue to do my entire life.

Brandon Clark11.

You can find Brand Clark at:  https://www.facebook.com/brandon.clark.5015983


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A Moment With Crowley’s Tomb… Thomas Noel Smith


CROWLEY’S TOMB NEWS AND CASTING UPDATES: It gives me great honor to announce that Thomas Noel Smith has accepted the lead role as the “Wizard”.  In my humble opinion Thomas is one of the best actors of all time. We are beyond grateful to have him perform in the upcoming movie Crowley’s Tomb. Film production begins summer of 2017.

Q-  It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A-  This is a very private and personal process that I would prefer not to discuss. The process is a bit different for each role. I will state, however, that I am not a dedicated method actor. I don’t carry the role around with me. Before the camera roles I am Tom. When the camera is rolling I am the character. When the camera stops rolling I am Tom. I do, at times, use bits of Stanislavski, bits of Chekhov, bits of Meisner, and I have other things I do to prepare for a role, including research. And I take to heart Katherine Hepburn’s advice to an actor: “Show up, say your lines, don’t act, go home.”

Q-  Who is your favorite actor and why?

A-  I have three favorite actors. Cary Grant, because of his versatility. Ernest Borgnine, because of his determination and dedication to what he was doing. Michael Caine, because he is just a damned good actor.


Q-  What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A-   Every role I play is my dream role. What I bring to the character is everything that is me…the way I am, what is deep within, and so forth. In other words, I commit to the part. If I am in a constant quest to find a “dream role” I will be constantly disappointed. Therefore, every role I get becomes my dream role and I am always happy to work.

Q-  Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A-   This is also a difficult question to answer. I like being the protagonist (hero) if the protagonist is not a simple man. If there are difficulties and problems that confront him, then I am pleased to play that role. On the other hand, the dark side is always attractive because the villains have a lot going on and it is always a delight to play the evil ones. They are challenging. They are always thinking. They are a side of us they we could never be…so playing evil roles is like a trip into an adult fantasyland, where you are free to give birth to words and thoughts you could have in civilized society. That’s why playing the role of a villain is so much fun.


Q-  Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A-   I’m not certain what a fun fact might be. I will give several aspects of my biography which some might not be aware of. May that will fit the bill.
I have worked as a professional magician and mentalist.
I have worked as a professional clown. I traveled with a small one-ring circus for two years.
I have worked as a professional folk singer.
I have four books of poetry that have been published.
Currently, I am working on a novel-length story about a man who goes to hell and much to his surprise, he finds all of his friends there, eagerly waiting to greet him and welcome him. Then he discovers that he has a chance to escape from hell. But does he really want to leave all of his friends behind?

Q-  What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A-    I don’t like to think of roles as “hard.” The moment I label a role as “hard” puts an unnecessary roadblock in my path. I think of roles as challenging. The most challenging role I ever played was Richard III in Shakespeare’s Richard III. The role was challenging because it was Shakespeare. I also had a very demanding director. We got along fine. I did not want to play Richard as a hunchback, nor did I want to play him as a cartoon villain. He was a man caught up in a series of circumstances that he was not altogether responsible for. He had strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities. In short, I wanted to play him as a man who in many respects was the same as any other man. I also worked on my lines and tried to say them so that contemporary audiences could understand. I didn’t want to sound like a Shakesperian actor spouting pretty words to the rafters. I wanted, for one brief second, to be the man, Richard, who faces overwhelming odds and tries to cope with his fate the best way he can.


Q-  On the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A-   I’m not sure “fun” is the right word for the role I’m thinking of…but before I get started on that let me say that every role I play is fun. If I didn’t enjoy my work or the roles I play, I wouldn’t be in this business. But back to the role. A role I really enjoyed was a stage role. It was the role of Harry Roat. He was a character in the play Wait Until Dark. It was an enjoyable role because I got to do all sorts of unspeakable things. The most challenging thing was to bring Roat to life so that he not a completely cartoon villain. Yes, he has no redeeming social qualities, but he does have a sense of humanity. He preys on the weaknesses of others and taunts them mercilessly. So, I had to work to find something that made him truly human.

Q-  Tell us about where you got your training?

A-   I trained at Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey’s Clown College
I trained at U.S.F
I trained at Chicago College of Arts
I go once a week, every week to train with my acting coach, Peggy Sheffield.


Q-  What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A-   Never give up. Never, ever listen to anyone who tells you or tries to tell you that you have no talent. Get lots of training and never stop training. You are never going to be good enough to tell yourself that you don’t need training. You always will. Get a good acting teacher or coach and go to them regularly. Develop a thick skin. You will be rejected more times that you are cast. Learn to enjoy the auditioning process—it’s a chance to perform—whether you are cast or not. And finally, love what you do. Acting must be a part of you and you must be a part of acting…always, always take your craft seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. You are human, just like the rest of us.

You can find Thomas at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010115051268


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A Moment With Crowley’s Tomb… Taylor Crumbley



I am thrilled to announce actress Taylor Crumbley has landed multiple roles such as the seductive Gothic Vampire “Raven”, Gothic Ghost Hooker, Evil Demon and one of the Cemetery Boys Girlfriends. Film production begins summer of 2017.

Q  –  It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A-   The key to any kind of good acting is really knowing the character in your head. It’s easy to assume a character is one dimensional like the mean preppy girl or evil stepmom, etc. But nobody in real life is that simple. You have to really understand every side of how your character feels and reacts to be able to really portray them well. If there isn’t a story behind them, create one. As for researching, look up characters you think are similar, ask the writer how they view the character, and if it’s based on a book READ IT. The more you know, the better your character will be. Once on set I know things can get pretty goofy behind scenes but if there’s something emotional or big coming up its best to stay in character even when the cameras aren’t rolling because it really puts you in their mindset. It’s almost like you’re not acting anymore, but you’ve become that person.

Taylor Crumbley2. Q-  Who is your favorite actor and why?

A-   I have many but one of my all time favorites is Charlize Theron. I admire her level of commitment so much. Most people know her for her lighter work like in the Huntsman movies but if you watch her in that and then in the movie Monster, it’s like she’s not even the same actress. You can’t even recognize her. She did tons of research and really committed her whole body to that role and there is no better way of acting than that.

Q-  What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A-   I would really love to star in a drama. I love showing emotion and getting really intense. Films that really show a persons life and real human emotions and situations are incredible to me and I’d love to be a part of something like that.

Taylor Crumbley7. Q-  Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A –  Ha! Ha!! As much as I love the thought of the audience rooting for me in a film, I love playing the villain. They just always seem much more complex and in all honesty are much more fun to play. 😈

Q-  Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.

A-   When I was younger I actually dyed my hair brown because I never saw actresses with red hair. I thought I’d never get any work that way and since I’ve gone back natural I’ve gotten 10 times as many call backs. That actually really built my confidence and taught me never to doubt yourself.

Taylor Crumbley4. Q-  What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A-    I played a villain named insanity and I think that role was hardest because I had to become so emotionally unstable that I really seemed insane. She wasn’t just a mean villain, she blamed the hero for her deformities, and i felt that deep in the character she really yearned to be like the hero. So it was interesting to learn how to portray all those different things in such a short time. Plus it was my first time doing fights scenes and I had a lot of learning to do. Ha! Ha!

Q-  On the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A-   Being a bloodsucker! I was a vampire named Valerie and that was fun because I think vampires are the perfect mix of evil and sexy. So you get to just be smug and awesome. We ended making our own fake blood which was interesting to say the least. And messy. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Q-  Tell us about where you got your training?

A-   Honestly I haven’t had much formal training besides my high school drama classes. I get most of my techniques from watching interviews of other actors and reading the articles on Backstage. I’ve been acting my whole life. I started out putting on plays for my neighbors (I have 8 siblings so it was easy to cast the shows 😝) and then just moved up from there. But there is always more to learn.

Taylor Crumbley5.
Q-  What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A-   Dedicate yourself and don’t give up. You’re going to hear just as many “no”s as you are “yes”s. Maybe even more. But hard work does really pay off. The more people see your commitment, the more opportunities you’ll receive.

taylor crumbley6.
Q-  If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

A-   I’m actually a business major so I’m hoping to one day run my own company. That is if I don’t become a movie star. Haha. I’ve just always been good at things like that and I’m pretty independent so I don’t see myself working for other people the rest of my life.

You can find Taylor at:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/taytaylisa

Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat: ayy_ohtay

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A Moment with Crowley’s Tomb…Alyssa Sheets

We are excited to announce that actress Alyssa Sheets has landed the Evil Nun role as “Sister Emilie”. Film production begins summer of 2017.

We’ve been chatting with Alyssa and learned a little bit about her:


Q. Not yet having seen the script, as an actor how do you prepare/research your role?

A. Well, what I try to do to prepare for the role is I try and get myself in shape so I can perform the best I can. Something else that helps me is the people I surround myself with. I try and surround myself with positive people that push me to do my best.  Watching the trailer for the movie helped a great deal as well, of course.

Q. Given what you know from the cast and crew posts about CT, what and/or who are you most interested in seeing in the film?

A. I would honestly have to say that I am pretty excited to see everyone! I’m feeling pretty pumped to see how it all turns out when the project is finished!

Q. Do you have any pets and what are their names?

A. I do! I have a chow/collie mix, his name is Bear. I also have a miniature Pomeranian named Daisy May! I bought her as a gift to myself for passing the drivers test a year and a half ago. (laughs)

Q. What was your favorite TV show growing up?

A. Oh my goodness, Rugrats all the way! (laughs)

Q. What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

A. On the weekends I LOVE going to church. It always makes me feel better after a long, or stressful week.

Q. Do you remember your first time in an airplane?

A. Lord, do I! (laughs) I have been afraid of heights for as long as I can remember; and I had the window seat. I remember my whole body shaking in fear! I was so happy when I got off the plane that I hugged the first pole I seen and said to myself, “Thank you God! I am now safe on the ground again!”

Q. Who was the most influential person in your life?

A. Well, aside from Jesus and my family. There has been a few people that have influenced me, and made a big difference in my life. Pastor Dan/Mercy, Jeff, Bianca, Wil, Yoann, Judeson, Kendrick, Anthony/Audry, Steve, and Manny . I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them in my life. They have all made the biggest difference to me, and have really inspired me to want to do better.



Social Media:

Instagram: @sheets.alyssa





Bonzo The Evil Clown “Ryan Monnier” Exclusive Interview On The Set Of Crowley’s Tomb Orlando Fl.

Evil Clown in Woods 2Q- How did you get into acting?
Well I originally began working as a model. You could say I got my first “big break” when I was in a fashion show at the mall. I was friends with the marketing director of the mall which I was currently working at & he suggested to the coordinator of the fashion show that I be a part of the event. After that the agency began contacting me for various modeling, promotional & acting gigs. The rest is history.

Q- Who are your favorite actors and who influenced you on your way to becoming an actor?
I appreciate various actors & actresses for their incredible talents in the industry, I however don’t specifically have anyone whom I can say influenced me to begin acting myself. However, someone who I often look to & think “what range & talent he has” would be Gary Oldman.His work is incredible! To me what really makes an actor special is when you realize that they were in a movie which you’ve seen 100 times & never realized they were the same person and you say “Oh my god that’s the same guy?”.

Q- What other roles have you played before Crowley’s Tomb?
Well, I’ve parodied various celebrities, wrestlers & stereotypes over the years in my own online videos which is what most of my friends & family are familiar with.  In regards to acting in other peoples projects I’ve been in a few short films & film school projects as well an extra a hand full of times.

Q- Do you prefer to play villains or heroes? Why?
I am truly dying to play a villain with a really dark side. I’ve always played parody roles or slapstick houmous parts.
I’d love to really get into a role where people watching think to themselves “I hate this guy”. In my life I’ve actually
had people tell me that before getting to know me that they had decided that they hated me for one reason or another, only to find out I was quite the opposite of who they expected me to be. So I’d like to bring that perceived persona I have onto the big screen.

Q- If you could be in any movie what would it be and why?
Did anyone else say “The Breakfast Club” yet? When I think about movies that are just embedded in your brain for a lifetime, few stand out more to me than that one. I was a kid when I saw it & those characters just resonated with me so much. Everything about that film just came together perfectly.  It has left such a lasting impression on me & so many others. So to be a part of something that’s touched so many others on that level would have to be truly rewarding as an actor.

Q- Where did you hear about the casting call for Crowley’s Tomb?
I do believe that I replied to a posting on Craigslist about it.

Q- What interested you in being part of Crowley’s Tomb?
Aside from it being a horror film (which I love) I could tell that the fact that it was based on a book meant that there’s be much more depth to the project than others I’ve worked on.

Q- Are you a horror fan?
INDEED I AM! I own more horror movies than any other kind, my favorite time of the year is Halloween, I attend various horror cons, as a kid I used to rent a new horror films at the video store (remember those) on VHS (yes, I said VHS WHAT!!!) every weekend based off the scary cover art (man I miss those days) and I’d always to to include my friends in my Horror B Movie Greatness A-Thons but always felt like nobody else cared about it like I did, only to grow up & discover that there’s an entire culture of people who appreciate it just as much as me. For the record my favorite horror film is “Return of the Living Dead”, it has the perfect blend of campy horror fun.

Q- What character did you play in Crowley’s Tomb?
I was Bonzo the clown on one of the days, as I believe another actor also played the character.

Q- What can you tell us about your character?
I was an evil killer clown wielding a machete, who’s only meaning in life is shedding blood.

Q- What were some of your favorite moments on the set of Crowley’s Tomb?
Aside from just working together with the cast & crew I would definitely have to say watching the girl do the downside spider walk. 

Q- Tell is about what the atmosphere was like on set at Shingle Creek Trail?
It was a good time. Everyone was pleasant to work with & I think that we all enjoyed teasing people running by on the trail who had no idea what they were about to jog into lol.

Q- Do you have any ghost or paranormal activity stories to share with us today?
Not unless you count the time that I saw the original Paranormal Activity, and later that night almost screamed when my girlfriend got up and slowly walked to the bath room (per the scene of the girl lurking around the bedroom).

Q- What was it like working with an all star team such as Writer Casey Moore, Director Ricardo Protheus Rodriquez, and Producer Nathan Taupez?    Fantastic! It was a very laid back & fun experience. They did a great job making sure that everyone was taken care of & received their credit in the film.

Q- What horror movies impacted you growing up?
Oh man! All of them lol. I was a huge fan of the tried & true Halloween & Friday the 13th films. Also enjoyed less favorable ones like: Waxwork, Night of the Demons, Night of the Creeps, Slumber Party Massacre & Sleepaway Camp. I’ll never forget the time in the 5th grade at a friends birthday slumber party, my buddy Andy introduced us to the original “Last House On The Left”. The phrase “Piss your pants” was all the rage that night. Everyone had also agreed to sneak out
of the house that night, then as the night progressed one by one everyone chickened out…except for Andy & I; We of course got caught when we came back as everyone else ratted us out, however Andy & I became best friends for over 10 years. It’s funny to think that it all stemmed from that night watching Last House on the Left.

Q- What current projects are you working on?
As a matter of fact I was just cast as Michael Myers in a short film, which I’m obviously ecstatic about. It was funny when I mentioned to my older brother that I landed that role & he said “you won’t even need to practice” and I replied “that’s what I told the director lol”. I realize that the character doesn’t have much depth however I’d like to think that my love of the series will translate into the role & do it justice. 

Q- What actor or actress did you think stood out on the set of Crowley’s Tomb other than yourself?
I enjoyed working with Martigan, Tyler, Autumn & Evie. I believe that Martigan’s presence as the Tall Man really stood out & added something to the film. I also enjoyed watching the scene back as Tyler slow motion lunged at me Mortal Kombat style with a pair of shears.

Q- If you could be any character in Crowley’s Tomb who would it be and why?
Maybe the cow corpse hanging in the woods. I think I could really bring that character to life…I mean, hang there acting dead.

Q- Away from acting what are some of your hobbies?
Well, I most commonly found lifting up heavy things at the gym, if I’m not there I enjoy doing a little filming & editing of my own from time to time.  Ohh, and Photoshop I’d rather be creating greatness in Photoshop than doing anything else.

Q- What did you think after you saw the trailer of Crowley’s Tomb?
“DAMN THAT LOOKS AMAZING!!” It’s honestly really well put together & I’m proud to have been a part of it. It also left me wanting to see more. I’d honestly love to see this story play out on the big screen.

Q- What would you like the fans to know about yourself?

First to anyone who took the time to read through this I’d like to say THANK YOU! I’m just a regular dude who sometimes pretends to act while cameras happen to be rolling. To those who are pursuing a career in acting/entertainment remember that your opportunity might come when you least expect it. As I mentioned in an earlier question, this all began for me when someone who I’d become friends with asked if I’d be interested in being in a fashion show. So let me just point out that the friendship I had with him came from me treating everyone whom I meet in life evenly & fairly. So sometimes when you’re working retail (or any job for that matter) the mall management team can be people who you don’t really care to talk to as they typically come bearing bad news or complaints. Had I decided to treat the management office as other tenants around the mall did it’s safe to say I would have never been invited to join the show. I’m not suggesting that you go around making friends with the entire world looking to get something out of it, but simply how you treat others and make them feel is what they will remember about you. In other words, everything happens for a reason, so don’t be a Butt Wagon!