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Casey Jay Moore, Screen Writer and Producer is thrilled to announce that actor Corey Faiola has landed the role as the wild and destructive Cemetery Boy Moses King better known as “Animal”. Film production begins summer 2017.


A small taste of what’s to come….


Here’s our Q and A session with Corey!

Q. It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?
A. I believe preparing for a character is as easy as learning as much as possible about the character. And once you learn about your character. be sure not to forget who you are, add a little bit of yourself to each role that you take on.
Q. Who is your favorite actor and why?
A. I have lots of favorite actors they’re all incredible and deserve to be where they are. But if I had to pick I would say Dylan O’Brien.  Dylan O’Brien is it good motivation because he is exactly who I am. He never felt like he had to be in this industry but yet fell in love with it by chance. He kept on motivating himself to get further and further into this industry and is now one of the greatest actors of my generation.
Q. What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character? 
A. I don’t really have a dream role. I love to challenge myself in roles that are different from one another.
Q. Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?
A. I prefer to play the villain, why because I think the villain has more of a mystery, everyone’s in love with the heroes but it’s the villains that give the heroes there true spotlight.
Q. Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of.
A. Fun fact about me is I love to play the drums. Music is my number one getaway. I also enjoy extreme sports like Motocross. I am what you call a rebel.  I love living on the edge.
Q. What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?
A. I think the hardest role I’ve ever played was a short film called “0.2” and the reason why, it was my first role I ever did. What made it so hard was the fear of not knowing how it would turn out.
Q. On the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?
A. The most fun role I have ever played was actually a starring extra role. I played a thug on a film called ” tattletale corpse ” it was so fun because everybody was such a delight to work with. We were laughing and having fun the whole time.
Q. Tell us about where you got your training?
A. I am a self-taught actor. At a very young age me and my friend used to write scripts and create our own films. We were always teaching each other and making each other grow further and further through our career. We used to study film like it was written in a book. We used to analyze every detail of film. I believe the best way to get experience is to actually get your hands dirty and experience everything about film.
Q. What advice would you give to aspiring actors?
A. Never give up on your dreams. never listen to what anybody says. Film is love and if you can bring love to film then that’s all that matters. Always remember, no matter what anybody says, everybody is a critic. Never give up on your dreams because our dreams are all that we have. You are never too old and you are never too young to follow your dreams. If you love something , never stop chasing it.
Q. If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?
A. If I was not an actor I would like to be a counselor or a motivational speaker. I would like to be a counselor because I believe everybody has problems and everybody needs guidance and love. No one is perfect and if someone can step into the picture and help save a life that’s all that matter to me. As for the motivational speaker part, I believe that if someone’s words can Inspire one person your job is done. I have faith in everyone and I believe that if you can spread love and help change the world then that’s all that matters in the long run.
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                         Crowley’s Tomb: The Movie — Coming to a theater October 2017