3 thoughts on “Crowley’s Tomb Reviews”

  1. I was hesitant to read at first because horror is typically not my genre. What intrigued me into reading was Casey’s description on the back of the 313 page novel. “With a refreshing, more sinister mind of madness, new creative author Casey J. Moore’s purpose for your eternal nightmares is simple: I love telling the truth to the treaders mind, body, and soul about the dirty deeds of mankind through a spine-chilling odyssey of horror. I feel the time is now for readers to enjoy new flavors of evil through the creation of reliable story lines, heroes, villains, and clever endings. It’s time for a new “fashion” writer (mystery, suspense, horror, and music infused with illustrations) to put horror back on the map. I am a firm believer that old, tired, standards were meant to be broken. Are you ready for a change?”

    Fusion — interesting concept that made Crowley’s Tomb intriguing enough for this scaredy cat to purchase and read. Something Casey left out of his description that this reader appreciated was HUMOR. Just when the fright level was almost more than I could handle, humor would be added to lighten that part up enough to keep me reading.

    It seems almost ironic that I can say that I honestly enjoyed reading Crowley’s Tomb , a “horror”, but indeed I did. As I read I made comments in the margin, you tubed the musical references, and even researched several weapons he mentioned by name that I had not heard of. Religion was also a huge part of CT and several places had me stopping and thinking.

    The ending was everything an ending is supposed to be; holy hell I didn’t see that coming! This scaredy cat is giving Casey five stars based an content, quality, and talent! A very good read and one I can see reading again.

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  2. “I loved this story; even though it’s classified as horror, it is a very relatable story that also includes its share of humor and raw emotions. It was also very thought-provoking regarding religion. Many people struggle with their beliefs in God and have a lot of questions but are too afraid to speak up. This author is provocative and willing to take risks. While this is a horror story at its core (good vs. evil, God vs. Satan), I love the fact it makes you really think! The Cemetery Boys remind me of guys I grew up with and I personally fell in love with Raven and his adopted dogs. The illustrations were extraordinary and made the book come to life. With multiple unique villains in the story, they constantly kept you guessing at what was going to happen next. I also appreciated the references to music throughout the book, I felt like I was on a musical journey. Oh, and what a great twist the ending had. I would love to see this story turned into a movie.”


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