Crowley’s Tomb: The Movie

Source: Crowley’s Tomb: The Movie

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The tale of unfolds in the Village of Cursewyck with a brotherhood of misfits known as the Cemetery Boys, who have refused to surrender themselves to a higher power, yet do not deny its existence.  The boys battle their way through the trawls of hell seeking treasure on the sacred ground of “Crowley’s Tomb” as their rabid souls become the ante in a gamble for survival.  When the boys embrace their destiny and stand united against Evil, knowing that Evil can never truly be vanquished, they finally accept their true roles in the forthcoming battles.

If only Hell remains, what are you prepared to do?  What will you be remembered for?  This quest may help you find your answers, because in Crowley’s Tomb, “Even Heaven has Rebels”.

The popular novel “Crowley’s Tomb” is now being adapted into a full feature film – check out our website for awesome character photos, cast list and much more. We’d love for you to “follow us” through the process (now in pre-production).  Indiegogologo


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