I am thrilled to announce that actor Adam Gibbins has landed the stoner role as “Raven” of the Cemetery Boys. Film production begins summer of 2017.



Crowley’s Tomb movie trailer.


Q. It seems fans always want to know what an actor’s process is when preparing for past, or present character roles. Take us through your process when researching, developing and transitioning on the set for your character roles?

A. If there’s ever any source material available, that’s the first place I go when preparing for a role. The day I was cast as Raven I immediately ordered a copy of Crowley’s Tomb to get my head into the game. The script is always the best tool when it comes to prep. Reading the entire script, multiple times, is paramount. Knowing every piece of the puzzle can give you a great idea of where your (the character’s) head is at in any given scene. With that being said, all I would need to really hammer home is to find out what is it that I’m fighting for. It’s damn near impossible to tell how I will react in the moment, but I would trust that as long as I’m fighting, really fighting for my point of view and bringing life to the table, it’s hard to go wrong.

Q. Who is your favorite actor and why?

A. Bryan Cranston would have to be among one of my favorite actors. A big reason why I became an actor in the first place was after watching Breaking Bad for the first time. Seeing Cranston being able to transition from genre to genre is impressive, and also something that a lot of artists fight for. His range, and the truth within his acting is amazing. His decorum off set also paints him as a humble, genuine human being. That is something of a rarity for super stars, but it’s a position I would definitely strive for.


Q. What would your dream role be? What would you bring to the character?

A. My dream role would be to play Girl Walking #4. I would bring all the sass money could buy. But honestly, I have no idea how to answer that question since dream rolls for myself happen to be stuck in a revolving door. It all depends where I’m at in life.

Q. Do you prefer to play the villain or the hero? Why?

A. Being a hero or villain in my opinion is irrelevant. It’s a subjective title as far as the audience is concerned. A hero fights for what he believes is right, and a villain, also fights for what he believes is right. But, from an audience’s perspective, I would definitely want to be the villain. Why? Simply because it’s more fun to break the rules, and rules can be broken on screen without any consequences.

Q. Tell the fans about a fun fact that we might not be aware of..

A. My dad was the original drummer for the band Badfinger, so I come from a musical household and have been around several famous musicians throughout my life.



Q. What was the hardest role you’ve ever played and why?

A. The hardest role for me to play was actually in a student written Edgar Allan Poe themed play titled The Masque of the Red Death. The only reason why this was a difficult role for me was that I had to learn how to play guitar (I’m a drummer and turn into a monster with a stringed instrument). And once I learned the handful of chords which never sounded correct, I also had to sing, which turned into humming since I was too focused on the guitar. I had less than a month to get this down, and although I practiced every day. It was wasn’t enough. So, as I’m on stage, sitting at the foot of a bed, in my underwear, playing horrible guitar, humming out of key, my scene partner was sleeping in the bed, and after a few bars, she would wake, and the first line out of her mouth was “That is so beautiful? What is it?”, and this is where the hard part came in, because it took every fiber of my being not to laugh in her face. Dirty lies.

A sample of Adams work-



Q. On the flip side, what was the most fun role you’ve ever played?

A. The most fun I’ve had was in a short film titled Dani. I played a tatted up meth junkie with horrible gaudy jewelry and no sense whatsoever. The real fun with the role was behind the scenes, really. We were shooting on an open set, so people were wandering by (and sometimes through) while we were filming. One poor guy skated up to me while I was in full makeup and wardrobe, and started to ask me about all of my tattoos. So this is where I truly was able to act. I was able to be as ignorant, ridiculous, and crude as possible. This kid was convinced I was the real deal. I would say that it was impressive given I had a huge ¢ tattooed on my neck. This lasted for about an hour, until he finally went on his way convinced that the teardrops on my face was my way of keeping track of how many people I’ve murdered. So he’s probably still out there, thinking that guy is somewhere alive and well.


Q. Tell us about where you got your training?

A. In 2013, I decided to get into acting. So I checked out Truthful Acting Studios in Orlando and took various courses and workshops through their studio. They offered a Master Meisner course in which I went through and completed. For the better part of three years it was my artistic home. The environment and instructors at TA made everyone feel more welcome and respected than any other learning institution I’ve ever been a part of. While taking classes through TA I also did a bit of improvisational comedy at SAK downtown, and I love me some comedy. The only issue I ever ran into there is that my mind is always in the gutter, so it was an exercise as to how not to be crude on the fly, lol.


Q. What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

A. Act. Always be respectful. Get to know yourself, really. And know that each film or stage production you’re on is bigger than yourself.

Q. If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? Why?

A. For years and year I always wanted to be a touring musician in an original band. I’ve been in and out of several groups but things tended to fizzle and pop when all members weren’t on the same page. That was the biggest difficulty for music, and my second largest motivator to start acting. Having an artistic endeavor that at the core of it only needed one person on board to move forward? Sounds good to me. Currently to pay the bills though, I’m a full time shop manager for a safe manufacturer. So between machining, welding, and installing locks on big elaborate steel boxes I’m thinking about when my next acting gig is, or when my band(s) are going to be playing on stage.


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                  Crowley’s Tomb: The Movie — Coming to a theater October 2017


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