A Moment with Crowley’s Tomb…Yvonne Clar

Welcome aboard to Yvonne Clar!! Crowley’s Tomb has cast Yvonne as our first actress/stilt walker in the “Hybrid” character role “Uriel”. Uriel is the off -spring of the Fallen Angels, better known as “Giants”. Film production begins summer of 2017

We reached “up” and asked Yvonne a few questions:


Q.  Not yet having seen the script, as an actor how do you prepare/research your role?

A.  Not having seen the script the only way I can prepare for being a hybrid role is just to perfect my skills on stilts. For me that is the best thing I can do.

Q.  Given what you know from the cast & crew posts about CT, what and/or who are you most interested in seeing in the film?

A. Honestly, I have no favorites I am super excited to see in the film yet, however I am a huge fan of special effects make-up and am excited to see what will be created.

Q.  Do you volunteer anywhere?

A.  Yes! I have been doing charity events with a couple of different groups since 2010. We dress up as super heroes, princesses, Jedi, villains, almost any character from different comics and movies for children’s events. I’ve done a few hospital visits, and wish I could do more as the kids love seeing us! I also dress up for Toys for Tots events during the holidays; little girls love seeing Elsa!!! Finally, I go to Give Kids the World Village to visit as Super Girl. Honestly giving back is amazing!

Q.  Do you have any pets and what are their names?

A.  I have 3 cats right now and want a dog. The 11 year old is named Brutus Maximus, The 10 year old is named Tidus, and then I have a 2 year old black ninja cat named Sirius Black! He’s something else… 🙂

Q.  What was your favorite TV show growing up?

A.  I can definitely say my favorite TV show growing up was Full House! lol. I was an only child until I was 13, so it always looked so cool to me to have that.

Q.  What is your favorite video game?

A.  Honestly I love RPG’s (role playing games) like Final Fantasy games, they are my favorite ones to be honest. Beautiful music, fun characters, yup. However; I also have been playing World of Warcraft for years, I play Hearthstone, I also play table top games and Magic the Gathering. So… I’m kind of all over the board… lol (see what I did there?? haha)

Q.  Can you recommend any good shows for me to see?

A.  I can recommend a LOT of shows for you to watch!! However it depends what you like I guess….. I watch Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Game of Thrones (if you haven’t seen it, you need to!!!), Torchwood, Legends of Tomorrow, BattleStar Galactica… Most of mine are sci-fi or superhero related, but there’s a lot out there…. Oh and Eureka… Colin Ferguson is great in it!

For more information and/or to reach out to Yvonne:

Facebook at www.facebook.com/ycillusions

Twitter:  @Bookittykbye

Instagram: yvonne_clar

Be on the lookout for her IMDB account as well, although this is Yvonne’s first film project


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