A Moment with Crowley’s Tomb…Sher Shearey

Sher Shearey B&W.jpg

Crowley’s Tomb is beyond thrilled to announce that actress Sher Shearey has accepted a key role as the “Demonic Messenger Eve” better known as the Red Angel. Sher will also assist the project as a Gothic Technical Advisor. Film production begins summer of 2017.

We took a moment to catch up with her and wanted to share a little of Sher;

Q. Given what you know from the cast & crew posts about Crowley’s Tomb, what are you most interested in seeing in the film?

 A: Creativity and innovation of each cast. It’s always cool to see how each person takes their role of the character(s) of what they’ve been casted as and bring them to life. Acting really brings out the captivation of the audience in seeing the dynamics that each actor/actress is willing to bring out and the risks that they take in stepping outside of the box and their comfort zone.

Q. Not yet having seen the script, as an actor, how do you prepare/research your role?

A: Any role that I come across, I already have a vision has to how I want to make that character come to life after I have read the script. Depending what type of role I receive, some roles I will research other actors/actresses out there to see how they have perceived that particular role if need to be and study them. From there, I take that knowledge and create that research into my own.

There are roles out there that I go off of what I feel after I have read the script and have a feel for what the director is looking for. Stepping on set, however, is a totally different aspect. When I start the official scene with my co-star(s), I work off what there presenting. When you and your other co-star(s) have that great chemistry, the scene(s) come out captivating.

Fun Facts

What is the one thing in this world that you are most proud of?

       A: I am proud of over coming depression that I encountered myself in in 2010. Depression for a lot doesn’t end up good in the end sometimes. We all hear it in the news of celebrities or from friends and family of ones that have battled depression or are going through it and the road that it takes them down to at times. No one helped me out. I pushed myself to not let it fully take me over nor let it take me to where I knew that I was headed. I’ve encountered many obstacles and pain with depression, however, the person that I have become and the accomplishments I have made show me that I am able to overcome anything.

Do you enjoy exercise, yoga or mediation?

       A: Fitness has become a big part of my life. The gym and the weights are my mediation, along with outdoor activities that keep me active. When I lift, I feel that strength that I have built so far and what I know that my body is capable of doing. I maintain a healthy lifestyle not only for myself but also with working in the industry for my current and future roles as well. Working out is not only a stress reliever for me but also a way to clear my mind and continue to increase my badass side.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to others?

       A: It doesn’t matter if you have ten bucks in your bank account or ten million sitting in there. Were all the same. We’ve all started out at rock bottom and moved our way up to our goals or are still achieving them. Remain humble and selfless. It’s going to take you far in life.

Who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?

       A: Michelle Rodriguez. I absolutely love her because she is a total badass. That is all.

Do you have a favorite season?

       A: Winter. I love skiing, snowmobiling, having snowball fights, etc. I live in Florida. Perfect!


For more information and/or to reach out to Sher:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shershearey

Website: www.shershearey.com

Frank Films: www.frankfilmsproduction.com/shershearey

Instagram: @shershearey



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