Exclusive Interview With The Talented Actress Samantha Finley On The Set Of Crowley’s Tomb

Mentally Ill Patient in Woods 4

Q- How did you get into acting?
A- I have always taken an interest in the art of acting. I remember when I was really young I would imitate people, and reenact scenes from movies and show’s like Hannah Montana with my friends. I loved acting and would take any chance I could to do so. But it wasn’t until around 7th grade that I actually started taking acting seriously. I remember I was in the auditorium at my middle school watching the school play when it hit me. “This is the only career I want to pursue” “I belong on that stage” “I was born to act” ,my head was fluttered with these thoughts and I was excited. More than excited! I don’t know how to describe what I felt because it was one of those feeling that are just out of this world! When I walked out of that auditorium a new kind of determination and motivation had been distilled inside of me. I got into acting class, got involved in school and church play’s. I also went on a few audition call’s in La & Chicago, And from that day forward I have lived, breathed, and pursued acting to the best of my ability.
Q- Who are your favorite actors or actresses and who influenced you on your way to becoming an actress?
A-  There are a lot of actresses and actors who inspired me while growing up. But if I had to pick some of my favorites I would have to go with Adam Sandler, Bella Thorne, Mark Wahlberg, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Seth Rogen.
Q-What other roles have you played before Crowley’s Tomb?
A-  My career as a professional actress has just begun. 
Q-Do you prefer to play villains or heroes? Why?
A-  As an actress I honestly love to play all types of characters. I love the thrill I get when I’m able to become that character and step into that characters shoes. I honestly think portraying the role as a villain and as an hero would be amazing. But if I had to choose I would have to go with playing the role of a Villian. 
Q- Where did you hear about the casting call for Crowley’s Tomb?
A- I heard about the casting for Crowley’s Tomb off of the casting website OneSourceTalent.com
Q- What interested you in being part of Crowley’s Tomb?
A- Being apart of Crowley’s Tomb was a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to play a mentally ill person, I have no idea why but for some reason I did. So when I came across Crowley’s Tomb, surprised and anxious was an understatement. 
Q- Are you a horror fan?
 Q- What character did you play in Crowley’s Tomb?
A- I played the mentally ill patient in Crowley’s Tomb.
Q- What can you tell us about your character?
A- My character was insane, she was locked in a deep depression that spun her around every where she turned. She had voices running through her head and she was scared. It was like she was stuck on a roller coaster that never ended. 
Q- What was it like working with an all star team such as Writer Casey Moore, Director Ricardo Protheus   Rodriquez, and Producer Nathan Taupez?
A- Working with such an amazing team of people was a blessing. I had so much fun and it was such a great experience. Casey and his team were all very nice and they did such a great job on making sure everyone was comfortable. 
 Q- What was the differences in atmospheres between the cemetery and Shingle Creek Trail on set?
A-  It was fascinating to be able to shoot on both the set of Crowley’s Tomb at  the Cemetery and at Shingles Creek.  The Cemetery was very spooky and brang a haunting feeling, while Shingles Creek was adventurous and fun.
Q- What horror movies impacted you growing up?
A- Chuckie, Bloody Mary, and The Grudge all were scary movies that impacted me while growing up. They all gave me nightmares for weeks yet I would watch them over and over again because they were my favorite scary movies.
 Q- Away from acting what are some of your hobbies?
A- I enjoy working out on a daily basis and staying physically fit. I also enjoy dancing and hanging out with friends. 
 Q- Do you have any ghost or paranormal activity stories to share with us today?
A- No.
Q- What current projects are you working on?
A- Improving my Acting, Singing, and Dancing skills on a daily basis.
Q- What actor or actress did you think stood out on the set of Crowley’s Tomb other than yourself?
A- Jarred Burgos who played the preacher stood out to me the most on set. The way he had memorized so many scenes and songs from Silence of the Lambs to portray his character, showed that he was extremely dedicated. He also was very intelligent and sociable.
 Q- If you could be any character in Crowley’s Tomb who would it be and why?
A- I would have a great time and be honored to play any role in Crowley’s Tomb. But my favorite character in Crowley’s Tomb was the mentally ill patient because when I played the mentally ill patient I was able to actually become that character and enjoyed every second of it.
 Q- What were some of your favorite moments on the set of Crowley’s Tomb?
A- I loved working with Casey and his team when I filmed the scene of me sitting on the bench in the cemetery, and also enjoyed when I really got to meet with all the other people working on set and eat breakfast with them. I had a lot of fun.
Q- If you could be in any movie what would it be and why?
A- There is not only one movie I would want to be in, I want to be in many movies and portray many roles throughout my future acting career.
Q- What would you like the fans to know about yourself?
A- I would like fans to know that I am a hard working and dedicated actress. That I am goofy and love meeting new people. That I enjoy traveling, and I want fans to hopefully be able to watch me play multiple character roles in the future. I want to be an inspiration to people that dreams are possible. 
Q- What did you think after you saw the trailer of Crowley’s Tomb? 
A- Well at first I screamed because i was so excited to see the trailer, and because I was in it. Then I was amazed at how well me and everyone else did and then I was like “Wow Casey and His crew did an incredible job at putting this together it looks amazing!” “There’s no way this won’t be a hit.” Then I watched it over and over again like 15 times. 

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