Special Thank You: FACEBOOK Friends, Groups, Fans, Cast and Crew of Crowley’s Tomb

Crowleys Image

The Red Carpet Event was amazing!! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you!  Your support has been a true blessing! I salute you all for your generosity and help.  In the Brotherhood of Crowley’s Tomb the fans said it best, “You’re either with us, or against us!”  It has been a real humbling experience watching so many fans become “Patch Members”. Social media fans: thank you for all your tweets, FACEBOOK sharing, like’s, comments, reviews, and purchases. This has been an overwhelming moment in my life. It has been an honor and a real privilege to be called your friend. There will be many more books and movies to come my friends.  For all those naysayers and haters out there let me just say, “You can’t stop the Armies of the Night at Crowley’s Tomb.”  I make no apologies to my defeated enemies!! I actually thought the competition would have been tougher in the book and movie industry; but in reality the dead cost nothing. The Book of Crowley’s Tomb will simple not go away or die off for your convenience. LMAO!!!!!

Sincerely, Casey Moore


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