Crowley’s Tomb Horror Fans Exclusive Interview With Writer Casey Moore


1.)     What was your favorite chapter or scene that you wrote? – Rachelle (Tampa Florida)

My favorite chapter would be a toss-up between Chapter 24 “Dinner’s Served” which to this day makes me laugh or the Final Chapter “Resurrection” where I am able to tie the whole story together ending with a song.

2.)     Who was your favorite character and why? – Ashley (Sarasota Florida)

I would have to say Zombie. Zombie was the weakest out of the bunch physically, but the most dangerous once you put a gun in his hands. I also liked the fact that he questioned others judgments. My favorite thing about Zombie was he was whiny and yet very funny at the same time.

3.)     How did you come up with the story Crowley’s Tomb? – Chris (Norwich Connecticut)

The story is loosely on me and my early friends that were poor in Junior High School.  We formed a small gang called The Cemetery Boys in Forest Park, Illinois. Every weekend we used to go to the movies by taking the shortcuts through (I believe) Hillside Cemetery. We would have the weirdest things happen to us. When I moved to Villa Park I went to an uppity school called Willowbrook High School.  It was culture shock for me being around the upper middle class. It might have been the first time I didn’t fit in well.  Personally I thought the main stream sucked!

I began hearing numerous stories about a place called Peabody’s Tomb. The rumored fables always whispered throughout school about masochistic monks in black cloaks chasing snooping kids who had the hopes of getting a glimpse of the famed Tomb and its wealth of gold. If caught by the Devil worshipping evil monks you were made to kneel on such things as rice, broomsticks, or glass while they forced you to pray. That always gave me goosebumps. I knew one day I was going to fuse the Cemetery Boys and the Devil’s Monks together for a creepy story.

4.)     How did you come to know fiction (particularly horror) was something you wanted to write? And on the other hand, how can you write such a detailed heartwarming love story right after that? – Marlene (Cocoa Florida)

I really didn’t but I should have listened to my heart long ago when I played Dungeons and Dragons. I loved being the DM (Dungeon Master). My imagination always ran wild in worlds outside of our own. As time went on I did not pursue my dreams as a writer. I did however write the first Fantasy Sports Handbook (baseball, football, hockey, basketball) before the internet began. My Foster Mom was an avid reader and the day it came off the press she passed away. Right after that I walked away from writing. I discovered writing again after my life fell apart. I began journaling trying to cope with the loss of my family. Every night I would write my counselor trying to shake my personal demons, and it was her idea that I become a writer. I wrote Crowley’s Tomb during very dark days of my life. I had lost hope so my emotions in the story played a major role in choosing horror. It was a way to release my anger. It was the escape to the securities of worlds I had forgotten about. I really don’t like pigeon holing or labeling myself to any genre. My next book out is an erotic love story called “Steamy”.  Of course I was in a better place when I wrote that book.

I think I needed to write Steamy for my own sanity. I was also tired of hearing some shallow women say, “Read 50 Shades of Grey and you will know how women want to be treated.” Steamy debunks the notion you need to be rich or in a specific sexual genre to be happy. I realize the true message of 50 Shades of Grey was “acceptance”. Steamy is more about how to keep your relationship exciting without cheating in the modern era. Steamy uses all the sexual genres to keep a long term relationship loving and happy. It’s about keeping a relationship on the path of conquest, not conquer. Most relationships are killed by laziness, complacency, and lack of communication.  It has been a struggle at times between marketing horror on one hand, and on the other dealing with love. Writing is much like acting in the sense you must get into character. It can be challenging if you haven’t prepared or researched properly.

5.)     The first journal is written in past tense. As a matter of fact, it uses the line “13 of us went in, none came out” Really? Who is writing the journal then? And who writes a journal in the past tense in this manner? Why the use of so many songs? – Scrapper (Amazon Unknown)

The first couple chapters were purposely written in past tense. I thought that would be a clever way to tie in the final chapter so it all came together and made more sense to the reader. There were several journals written by the Cemetery Boys. Preacher writes his journal knowing he is going to die. In his journal he makes an assumption of how he believes their destiny turns out. He left his journal so that the Cemetery Boys would be remembered and his death avenged. Music wasn’t primarily used for atmosphere, as it was more of an attempt to bring the reader back to a place and time in their life. My reason for using so many songs was an attempt to make Crowley’s Tomb a rock-n-roll fable that would ultimately forge rock music back to its rightful throne in today’s world we live in. I really never understand why people waste their time with negative energy, but best of luck Scrapper, lol.

6.)     Will there be a sequel to Crowley’s Tomb? – Taylor (Middletown New York)

 When writing I had no intent for a sequel; I wrote Crowley’s Tomb as a stand-alone with the ending left to the reader’s imagination.  I leave a sequel up to Hollywood. Unlike most writers  I prefer moving forward with new stories and characters. If you look at most of the .99 cent false writers they try to manipulate the readers and fans with a misleading financial agenda by leaving you hanging only to make you pay more money for the next book. Example .99 for original, next one $2.99, next one $5.99 and so on. I refuse to work for free or manipulate the fans financially with petty schemes. I never ask the fans to give me their work for free either. In my opinion these types of false identity writers have really hurt the book industry, but Amazon loves it, and seems to be the only one who profits from it.  I myself have very little use for Trilogy or silly series characters that go on and on. I find sequels boring. Just look at Friday The 13th Part ?????? The great writers know how to let go and move on, just like life itself.

7.)     Can you tell me more about Chief and Delilah’s love for one another? – Johnny (Columbus Ohio)

Chief and Delilah had eternal love for one another without a physical relationship. There wasn’t this boyfriend/girlfriend label. Their relationship was private in a very unique way. Remember, it’s never the first kiss that’s important; it’s the last kiss that counts.  Delilah ultimately understood Chief’s destiny. The couple didn’t need words to express their love for one another, they just knew it.

8.)     How tough was it to envision the characters? – Kathleen (Charles, La)

It wasn’t difficult at all because the cemetery boys were a part of me.  I often get asked the question, “which cemetery boy are you most like?” and I have to laugh because of the 13 boys, they are all part of me!  As far as the villains, they may be even easier because we all know someone from our past that fits the character profile.

9.)     The cover of Crowley’s Tomb has a pentagram which leads the fan to believe that you are an atheist and the book is about Aleister Crowley, is there any truth to these assumptions? – Greg (Knoxville, TN)

There is no truth to either of those assumptions.  As a kid growing up I had different religions forced upon me.  Over life experiences I was able to come to my own conclusions and beliefs.  My beliefs are more in touch with nature and animals similar to the American Indian.  As far as Crowley’s Tomb, the original title was named “Cemetery Boys”.  Unfortunately when I was searching for sketch artists I didn’t protect myself properly and (theory) one of the artists stole the name and wrote his/her own book leaving me scrambling for a new book title.  I decided to take the cemetery and infuse one of the most evil known names and combine together to come up with Crowley’s Tomb.

10.)     Villains or Cemetery Boys; which do you prefer – Sandra, Brandon FL

I enjoy them both; let’s discuss heroes (Cemetery Boys) first.  Unlike most writers or characters in Hollywood movies I like my heroes to be bad boys, unpredictable and with true demons within themselves.  In most books and movies there tends to be only one villain which bores me personally.  The uniqueness of creating Crowley’s Tomb is there are multiple villains of all facets, both male and female. For most people the obvious answer would be to say villains. Certainly they are the easiest and most fun, but for the really great writers the answer should be the hero. It’s unfortunate that writers and screenwriters all too often copycat one another by making the hero boring and one dimensional. I enjoy bucking the system by bring a more sinister element to the hero characters.

I had a lot of fun but in choosing my villains for Crowley’s Tomb I decided to use the ultimate evil villains known as Satan and God.  Good and Evil never ends, and never defeats the other which has been proven over time and time again.  I think the most important thing whether you’re a writer, actor, director, and so on is making sure you are prepared properly through research, studying, and developing your characters. Robert De Nero always comes to mind on how well he prepares developing his characters. An example of this was on the set of Crowley’s Tomb,  it was very easy for me to pick out which individuals had done their homework and who didn’t.

11.)     In closing, what thoughts or comments would you like to leave your fans and readers with?

I am blessed to do what I love, and think everyone should follow their destiny and dreams.

Seeing this process evolve from thoughts in my head, to a manuscript with over 40 illustrations by 3 talented artists, to a published book, to merchandise and ultimately an unbelievable trailer has been the most rewarding experience of my life.  The joy of making the trailer was amazing – the producer, director, make-up artist, actors, actresses, assistants, prop and costume designers all came together over a very short period of time and made magic!

I’ve met many new lifelong friends during this journey, which we all look forward to taking to the next level with a movie and video game deal.  It’s been a true collaboration and has taken an army – who are all part of the brotherhood of Crowley’s Tomb.

The thing I have enjoyed the most is meeting and greeting the fans and having their support.  There is no better judge of talent than the fans themselves, for whom I am extremely grateful.

6 thoughts on “Crowley’s Tomb Horror Fans Exclusive Interview With Writer Casey Moore”

  1. Hello, Where can I get your book “Steamy”? All of the marketing I’ve seen says it should have been released in May 2015, however I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere online. Thank you.


    1. Hello Patricia, Our apologies that a release was not sent out delaying the release date of May 2015. The author, Casey Moore, has had setbacks due to major medical issues – please stay tuned as he does plan to release the book, but there is no date set as of this time. We’ll be sure to post an update and I ensure you – you’ll enjoy “Steamy”. Thank you so much for your interest!

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