Martigan Delano

Q- How did you get into acting?

I’ve always been a performer. At the age of six I started doing magic and it progressed from there. The great 19th century magician Robert Houdin said, “a magician is an actor playing the part of a magician” so as a magician I’ve always played a character. The door to acting in movies just opened up with my recent move to Orlando, FL in Aug. of 2014. I set out to start auditioning for roles mostly as a way to reestablish myself as a performer in the area and branch out.

Q- Who are your favorite actors that influenced you on your way to becoming an actor?

There are so many that have influenced me in some way and, believe it or not, many comedic actors; Jack Lemmon, Lucille Ball, Robin Williams. But if I had to narrow it down I would have to say Gene Kelly. He played so many different, contrasting roles and was so talented. I remember watching movies like Singing In The Rain, An American In Paris and The Pirate as a kid and just wanting to be like him. His style, grace and appearance are what I felt a magician/actor should be, and I would take elements of his style and incorporate them into my performance.

Q-What other roles have you played before Crowley’s Tomb?

I did do some stage acting in my early 20s. It was at that time I collaborated with a friend of mine on a stage production about a magician, it was called The Return of Edgar Christian. My friend wrote the script, I built the props and illusions and we both directed and produced it. It ran for six performances, we split the lead role duties of the main character Edgar Christian.

Q-Do you prefer to play villains or Heroes? Why?

I enjoy the villains. I have an appreciation for the darker side of life. Villains can show how far we can tap into that latent dark energy that most people are afraid of- it’s a brush with death. Having a chance to walk through that fire can reveal things about you that are very liberating and insightful.

Q- If you could be in any movie what would it be and why?

Sweeny Todd- he was pure evil. Although the movie adaptation was good, George Hearn from the original Broadway cast had a great impact on me. His portrayal of Sweeny Todd was incredible. I’ve always been a fan of Broadway and musicals and this story brings to light how far someone will go for revenge and it’s based on a true story which makes it even more disturbing.

Q- Where did you hear about the casting call for Crowley’s Tomb?

I watch a couple of the casting call web sites in the Orlando area and I saw the post on orlandogreenroom.com. I submitted my head shot and resume hoping to be an extra. To my surprise the part that I was offered turned out to be a much better offer.

Q- What interested you in being part of Crowley’s Tomb?

I really liked the story idea. The elements of religion and death are favorite topics of mine especially when it relates to personal transformation; these are some of the main themes in the book. Casey is also a very passionate person and believes in the project- his enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring.

Q- Are you a horror fan?

Most definitely! I grew up in the 80s, the heyday of horror. As a kid I experimented with special effect and make up with my friends; we also studied the movies we watched. It wasn’t unusual for us to run around the neighborhood shooting at each other with blank guns and spattering blood; you couldn’t get away with that today! We also learned to do life casing and made our own foam latex prosthetics; this even led to teaching this technique at high school art classes.

Q- What character did you play in Crowley’s Tomb?

I am The Tall Man the antagonist in the story.

Q- What can you tell us about your character?

The Tall Man is a hearse driving, rock-and-roll, psycho. The Cemetery Boys encounter him early in the story and set out to discover who he is… well the rest you’ll just have to read and find out.

Q- What were some of your favorite moments on the set of Crowley’s Tomb?

As much as I enjoyed portraying the Tall Man, my favorite moments were getting to know the rest of the cast and crew. Everyone was fantastic! I was impressed by the other actors and their dedication and commitment not only to their craft but to the project. There was an atmosphere, on both shooting days, of family even though we were only together for a short time. We all seemed to have a connection.

Q- Tell is about what the atmosphere was like on set in the cemetery?

I enjoy going to cemeteries. Evergreen was particularly fascinating. At times it was difficult to tap into its energy because of all the activity from the shoot so I took moments when I could to wander. Those moments really allowed me to appreciate the history of Evergreen, it’s a very old cemetery; at times I felt like I was in a different time. I asked Kim Moore how Casey found the place and she said they just kind of stumbled upon it. I just couldn’t believe how appropriate it was for what Casey had in mind especially for not ever seeing the place before.

Q- Do you have any ghost or paranormal activity stories to share with us today?

Just one?! The day of the cemetery shoot certainly comes to mind. When I arrived there was a bit of a walk to the area where everything was set up. On the way there I was surprised that I wasn’t picking up on anything. When I finally made it to the location I figured out why. I was immediately hit with chills; this is how I know there is a presence. What I was picking up on was the residences of the cemetery were congregated in one area; they were curious about what was happening. As the day went on the activity slowed down, I think they became more comfortable with us being there and knew we didn’t mean any harm. Stuff like that happens all the time to me. This example isn’t that dramatic but all the things that have happened to me could fill a book.

Q- What was it like working with an all-star team such as Writer Casey Moore, Director Ricardo Protheus Rodriquez, and Producer Nathan Taupez?

Everyone was great. What impressed me most was how everyone worked together. There certainly was a shared vision within the chaos. Having a limited number of shooting hours you really have to be on your game, I’m not sure if the team had every detail planned ahead of time but there seemed to be a psychic connection with telepathic communication making sure the scenes came together.

Q- What horror movies impacted you growing up?

Mostly vampire movies- Lost Boys, Fright Night and Dracula with Frank Langella. Some of the others were American Werewolf in London, Friday The 13th, Halloween and classic Hitchcock.

Q- What current projects are you working on?

Besides continuing my magic endeavors, I have a film which begins shooting March/April called Lions 7. In this my character is a strip club manager who has ties to the human trafficking underground, it’s a pretty significant role; what’s cool is that I get to do magic, the director liked that I am a magician and wanted to incorporate that into the character. Since I’ve been here in Florida my creative juices are flowing again and I have started writing again. About a decade ago I began working on a vampire novel and had to put it on the back burner; I recently committed myself to finishing it. So I’m hoping to have that done within the next two years or so.

Q- What actor or actress did you think stood out on the set of Crowley’s Tomb other than yourself?

At the risk of sounding cliché, everyone in the cast stood out. It was an honor and a pleasure working with such talented, dedicated and professional individuals. We all gelled unencumbered by egos. The Sunday after shooting wrapped up I was reflecting on the weekend and was just so impressed by everyone. Certainly an experience I’ll always remember.

Q- If you could be any character in Crowley’s Tomb who would it be and why?

Other than the Tall Man I would have loved to do the part of the Wizard. He appeals to my theatrical nature and he conjured dark forces, you gotta love that.

 Q- Away from acting what are some of your hobbies?

When I get a chance I enjoy woodworking, sewing and working on motorcycles; working with my hands. I also enjoy playing guitar, keyboard and bass. Basically anything that is creative and allows me to express myself.

Q- What did you think after you saw the trailer of Crowley’s Tomb?

The trailer for Crowley’s Tomb blew me away! Some may expect that sort of response but I’m a very critical person when it comes to projects that I’m involved in. The special effects that were added, music and sound effects came together far better than I could ever have imagined.

Q- What would you like the fans to know about yourself?  

I am a professional psychic, tarot card and palm reader. In spite of my “intimidating” appearance I’m actually a nice guy. I believe everything happens for a reason.


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