Pig Man Popping Out from Shower

Q- How did you get into acting?

I started way back in elementary school when I was given a super small speaking role that required me to say a few lines in between a song at a chorus concert. It grew from there, and by High School it was one of the few things I had that gave me true joy. Since then it has been a quest to find any and all roles I can fit.

Q- Who are your favorite actors that influenced you on your way to becoming an actor?

I enjoy watching Johnny Depp work his magic, and I watched an interview where he had explained his approach to taking a role, and that helped me in a way to understand what it’s like to work on screen. However, I’d like to think I have my own way when it comes to approaching a role. I like working with the director and seeing what it is they were expecting out of me, and mashing it with the idea I had of whatever character I happen to be playing at the time

Q-What other roles have you played before Crowley’s Tomb?

As far as film, I have done a lot of extra work, and had a principle role in a movie called ”Fat, Dumd, and Happy”. That was my first real movie role. I was part of a dysfunctional family who had a writer, who created a fantasy family.

Q-Do you prefer to play villains or Heroes? Why?

Villain. Mainly because a hero just seems dull. They all act the same way. You have to be good. You have to respect your power; where as a villain can be insane, or very well under control. One movie has an axe wielding murder, and the other has someone who doesn’t so much as raise a finger. It just seems that you have much more flexibility in what you could do and how you can act. I enjoy having freedom as an actor to make the role my own, and it seems you have more opportunities to do that in a villain over a hero. “anti-heroes” are also fun, but that is a whole other ballgame.

Q- If you could be in any movie what would it be and why?

A “Toy Story” film. It was the film I grew up with and loved. And If I can be in a movie like that and touch as many people through a movie as that did, then what more could I ask for.

Q- Where did you hear about the casting call for Crowley’s Tomb?

Through a website called greenroomorlando.com

Q- What interested you in being part of Crowley’s Tomb?

There are very few things I come across and say, I’d be perfect for that. Being my size comes with perks and downfalls. So when I saw villains, and creatures it was right up my alley. Not to mention the horror aspect.

Q- Are you a horror fan?

I am, but not as much as others. I enjoy watching horror films, and I have participated in Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, because I love to scare people, plus I’m good at it. But If you put me up against a horror buff,  you’d think I knew nothing about horror.

Q- What character did you play in Crowley’s Tomb?

I was cast simply as the Pig Man Butcher, but do to some no shows on one of the filming days I also became a Cemetery Boy.

Q- What can you tell us about your character?

 Well, I was supposed to be unbelievably strong. The chainsaw I carried around was upwards of 50lbs and I lifted a cemetery boy in the air with a single hand. Clearly I was insane, and I was the kind of person who got enjoyment out of watching you squirm as I was about to kill you as much as I did actually chopping you into bits. I did this head tilt thing, and the directors said that it was just perfect, so I took off with that, and kept rolling with that idea.

Q- What were some of your favorite moments on the set of Crowley’s Tomb?

In front of the camera we had shot a scene where I ran straight at the camera, and swiped at it with the chainsaw. That was fantastic. We also had a scene where I was choking a cemetery boy in the air with one hand. While that had to have been one of the longest scenes to shoot it was intense; trying to make it look real, but not trying to have anyone get hurt. Off the camera though, back at the hotel, Myself and two other cast members discovered we were all magicians, so being able to talk about magic was a good treat.

Q- Tell is about what the atmosphere was like on set in the cemetery?

Eerie is the best word to describe. When it was light out  it wasn’t much of anything, but as it got dark, you couldn’t see very far ahead of you. Plus you were on edge, just because of the action in the shoot. Add on top trying to dodge stepping on peoples graves, it was adrenalizing  to say the least.

Q- Do you have any ghost or paranormal activity stories to share with us today?

This is where I am lacking. No real experience I can think of, however I did go to a haunted diner where they had a team trying to find paranormal activity, and I used my Magic skills to make silverware move, and simply said it was a ghost. Funny for me, and even funnier to watch how the team reacted to it.

Q- What was it like working with an all star team such as Writer Casey Moore, Director Ricardo Protheus   Rodriquez, and Producer Nathan Taupez?

Casey was so polite. Constantly making sure that everyone was in a good mood, and trying to move things along. It’s nice to have someone who knows that things need to get done, but is also looking out for everyone on a set, and that was Casey to a T. Pro and Nathan were unbelievable. I have had the pleasure of working with some great directors. And I’d like to say that they knew what exactly it is that they needed to shoot. They got some amazing off the fly shots. And always set up a shot quickly. Very pleased with what they got, and how they managed us.

Q- What horror movies impacted you growing up?

Rob Zombie Films. House of 1000 corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and Halloween. Captain Spaulding was some inspiration for how I acted on set during HHN24. And My longing to be Michael Myers came from Mr. Zombies version of Halloween. I loved the Saw series.

Q- What current projects are you working on?

I have a Magic Show I am putting together currently for the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Tim + Spencer’s Magicians Must Die, where we have a run in with none other than the devil himself.

Q- What actor or actress did you think stood out on the set of Crowley’s Tomb other than yourself?

Jonathan and Mart. Jonathan had that look of someone who was perfect for the role he was in. Just looking at him I said he could be a cemetery boy. He was great to talk with and just hear what he had to say. The guy had his own machete in his car, so really fit the role. And Mart was a fellow magician so he was already on my good side with that, but the way he looked on camera was just so creepy, in a good way. Both did extraordinary .

Q- If you could be any character in Crowley’s Tomb who would it be and why?

 I’ll stay with the pig man butcher. Other than the Horse Skull Mask nothing came close to me… in my opinion of course.

Q- Away from acting what are some of your hobbies?

I am a Magician, love performing illusions for everyone to see. I had a show in the 2014 Orlando Fringe, and I have an upcoming show in the 2015 Festival as well. I am a drummer. In other words I’m really good at hitting things with sticks, in rhythm. And I also have learned to freestyle rap.

Q- What did you think after you saw the trailer of Crowley’s Tomb?

To be honest, we shot a lot of footage, and I had no idea how it was going to be edited down to a short 3-4 minute trailer. But when I saw it for the first time, it was unbelievable. It included almost everything we had done, with a great sound track overlaid. Plus the special effects added in afterwards. There weren’t too many huge effects, but it’s the small stuff that counts right? As someone who doesn’t get tripped up very easily I can’t say it gave me chills, but it is one of those trailers that you see, and instantly say, well now I have to see that, or in this case read that. It looked wonderful, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Q- What would you like the fans to know about yourself?  

That I really do go around killing people. But in seriousness, I am actually a really funny guy. One of the nicest people you will ever meet, and just because I am a giant doesn’t mean I am a monster. During filming I would try to scare the director, and just creep out people, and then turn around and act stupid. We had a pig that was cut in half so whenever I had he mask on I’d go and give him my condolences, and promise him I’d find the man who killed him and avenge his death.


  1. What a detailed and informative interview! Spencer I enjoyed reading your answers, especially how you take advice, but then seek your own way. I’m local and would be interested in watching you perform Magic at one of your upcoming shows as both Horror and Magic scare me, but are intriguing as well. Great interview and portrayal of Pig Man!


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