Delilah Being Chased by Villain

With over 700 applications to rummage through I couldn’t find anyone that I felt could play Delilah. With the last application in hand, “Bingo! Delilah arrived.” On the set struts this young girl who immediately sits down at the edge of the rail. I thought to myself, “Oh no, I casted a “Primadonna!” Boy was I wrong about Autumn Nierode! Goes to show you about making assumptions or judging a person before knowing what they are all about. On the contrary Autumn blew me away with her acting skills, soft hearted nature, and improv skills.

Not everyone can take directions and then go display it on camera. It takes a special person and that talented person was Autumn, I am not a director, special effects specialist, or a camera expert! That was for professionals like Nate and Pro. I am a writer who loves what I do. I think Nate and Pro were able to bring out the best in Autumn on set. I think Autumn brought the best out in CROWLEY’S TOMB. I always wanted a daughter but it never worked out in my life. With that said Autumn reminded me of the daughter I always wanted. Respectful, kind, beautiful, talented, and happy. In my honest opinion that is Autumn Nierode. I think in the distant future you will see this talented actress on the big screen. Autumn if your reading this and I hope you are, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re an amazing actress! Realize your dreams!!!

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