Tall Man Window Scene 1

Everyone has their favorite horror movies and villains. As a kid the impact of my favorite movies turned out to be “Phantasm” and “Halloween”. I thought John Carpenter was brilliant at creating horror movies with low budgets. The Michael Myers creation of a masked man hiding behind the bushes in broad daylight changed the way I walked home the rest of my life. That meant I walked on the road instead of the sidewalk.

Don Coscarelli’s creation of Phantasm tattooed my favorite villain of all time, and that was “The Tall Man” played by the incredible actor Angus Scrimm. As kids we would go to the movie theater late at night knowing full well we would have to walk through the cemetery to save time on the way home. I knew after seeing Phantasm that I would one day reincarnate the Tall Man.

In going through the endless casting applications I had lost hope that we would be able to introduce the Tall Man in the trailer of CROWLEY’S TOMB. I had rewrote the concept script several times even taking the Tall Man out of the script. Being a former restaurant owner I am not one to normally play any kind of favoritism. Out of nowhere I got a picture of an actor by the name of Martigan Delano. I fell off the back of my chair crashing into the bed with pure excitement. I had found the perfect person to play the Tall Man. I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have any costume for Martigan. The beauty of Martigan is he is into the gothic thing. And a double bonus was that he is a Magician.

The first day Martigan walked on the set and I got goose bumps running wild all over my body. Suddenly I hear, “Lights, camera, action!” I am in shock watching Martigan nail a younger version of The Tall Man. At that moment it hit me like a ton of bricks that my life long dream and childhood vision of the Tall Man was coming to fruition. When I saw Martigan’s talent come alive on set I was literally blown away by his acting skills. If Hollywood doesn’t find Martigan, I am going to drag Martigan to Hollywood myself. As lucky as we had gotten with a talented cast; Martigan literally blew the top off the project sending us somewhere above the galaxy.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I don’t give out compliments just to give them out. I might be thankful and appreciative, but my compliments are earned. Martigan wherever you are son, “Thank you so fucking much for making my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I am personally touched by all those involved by the project, but you “SIR” made my life vision of CROWLEY’S TOMB come to life. And for that I am “FOREVER ETERNALLY GRATEFUL” for your extraordinary performance. You nailed it my favorite son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know Martigan personally, my husband was one of his childhood best friends, we’re glad you’re seeing what we’ve always known….he’s pretty awesome. Hope your movie is a huge success!!!


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